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15 Women Share The WORST Lies They’ve Told Their Husbands

“My husband does not need to know how much it costs to get my hair done.”

Men lie. Women lie. Put men and women together and they’re gonna lie to each other, whether on big important things, or in tiny, insignificant matters.

Most white lies come from our inherent need to keep the peace and make life easier for ourselves. If we can head off trouble at the pass by letting a little fib slip, most of us take advantage of the opportunity in the name of courtesy.

We asked women to tell us the white lies wives tell their husbands, and boy did they deliver. Here are our favorites.

1. Our kid put his Rolex in the toilet.

“I never told him our toddler dropped his super-expensive watch in the toilet, which is why it quit working a month later.”

2. I still use the occasional recreational drug.

“He doesn’t know I still do a few party drugs every now and then when I go on weekend getaways with my friends . Nothing crazy, but he’s very anti any illegal substance, so even hitting a joint is an offense that would get me a lecture about drug cartels if he knew.”

3. I sext with my exes.

“I still flirt with a couple of my high school boyfriends on Facebook, which is the saddest clichéd, basic bitch bullsh*t ever but it’s harmless and makes me feel good so f*ck it. I’ve never crossed a line. Well, I’ve sexted with one of them a couple times but that’s it.”

4. I was hungover, not “sick.”

“Well, my ex thought that I was ‘sick’ a lot when I was really just drunk or hungover, which, in retrospect, was an issue all on its own.”

5. I threw away one of his favorite pieces of clothing.

“‘Hon, I have no f*cking idea what happened to that shirt your ex gave you and if you bring it up again, I’m going to go apeshit on you.’ I know exactly where it is. It’s somewhere in the county landfill and has been since I threw it away about a year ago .”

6. My haircuts cost way more than I say.

“My husband does not need to know how much it costs when I get my hair done. Like, I paid for these summer bundles myself, so it’s not like I’m robbing him, but he thinks they were a few hundred… they definitely weren’t. How’s that for white lies wives tell their husbands? “

7. I kiss people when I go out dancing.

“I’ve never done anything more than this, but I’ve made out with a few different people when I’ve gone out dancing before. I don’t count kissing as cheating … and, yes, I’d feel that way if he kissed someone else!”

8. I despise his best friend.

“I f*cking hate his idiot, dudebro best friend for just so, so many reasons — too many to list here. I know better than to complain, though. I always offer to give him a night out with the boys so he won’t bring that idiot to my house.”

9. I’ve slept with women.

“My husband knows I’m bisexual, but he doesn’t know that I slept with a few of my female friends before he and I got together. He can barely handle the bi thing, so there’s no way I’m telling him that the same women who come and stay with us for the weekend have also been my sexual partners.”

10. I go have fun during work hours.


“I don’t tell him every time I go out with my friends for brunch, yoga, paddleboarding or movies in the middle of the day while he’s at work. I work from home, so I make my own hours and can pay for myself, but it still feels like I’d be rubbing it in his face that I’m out living it up in the sunshine while he’s stuck in a windowless office.”

11. I hate his mom’s cooking.

“He thinks I’m allergic to a bunch of stuff in his mom’s old recipes so I don’t have to eat it, cook it, or buy the ingredients so he makes it at home. The truth is that she’s a terrible cook with awful taste, which I can tolerate when we’re visiting her, but I’m not eating that sh*t at home.”

12. I don’t actually care for sports.

“I pretend to give a sh*t about sports so he doesn’t complain about me to his friends when they all get together. I’ll watch SportCenter or glance at his teams’ stats and a couple op-ed articles every week, so I can make casual comments here and there like I know what I’m talking about, and he and his friends think I’m amazing. It’s an illusion, but it gets me serious respect and a little more clout around here.”

13. I fake orgasms.


“I fake a lot of orgasms when I’m tired just because I know he really wants to make me happy, but I’m exhausted and want to wrap it up. I’m afraid if I say, ‘Not tonight’ too much, he’ll stop offering.”

14. I tell him he’s a good cook.

“His cooking is fine. It’s just fine. It’s not even good. Just fine. But I’m never ungrateful that he did the work of making me a meal, so I always say it’s the best sh*t I ever put in my face. Desperation makes lunatics of us all.”

15. I didn’t get into school for a different reason.

By Erlar


Death sentence dropped for Sudan teenager who killed husband

An appeal court in Sudan has overturned the death sentence of a teenager who killed her husband after he allegedly raped her, her lawyer has said.

Noura Hussein, 19, was instead sentenced to five years in jail, lawyer Abdelaha Mohamad said.

Her mother, Zainab Ahmed, told the BBC she was happy her daughter’s life had been spared by the appeal court.

International celebrities had backed an online campaign, #JusticeforNoura, to demand Hussein’s release.

Last month, an Islamic court had sentenced to her to death by hanging, following her conviction for the pre-meditated murder of her husband.

Source: BBC

The #1 Thing Every Woman Wants From Her Husband

The age-old question: ANSWERED.

Many years ago, due to a gambling addiction, a childhood friend of mine got into a difficult situation involving some very significant debts. One day, he shared with me that the organized crime group involved had threatened to break every bone in his body — or worse — if he did not pay up.

He said when he told them he had no funds available and asked if he could repay the debt in some other way, he was told that if he married the crime lord’s daughter they would let him off.

He said the offer was made because she was an ugly witch you could smell a mile away. The problem was that, unbeknownst to the underworld characters involved, my friend was already married . He said he felt there was no hope for him and his addiction would cost him his life.

At this point, I volunteered to marry the witch and save him. He argued but I persisted and to make a long story short, the marriage was arranged and a few weeks later, the witch and I were wed at a big blast in a well-known New York Hotel.

I did the best I could to put on a pleasant face for the evening but as it grew late, I told my bride I needed to go to our hotel room and get some rest and she agreed to come with me. When we got to the room, I went into the bathroom to catch my breath and try to figure out how I was going to manage to just get through the night — let alone, the years that lay ahead of us .

After spending as much time as I could in hiding, I stepped out of the bathroom to find a beautiful woman sitting on the edge of the bed.


“Where’s my wife ?”

“It’s me. Now that you’re my husband, I can reveal to you that a spell was cast upon me. I am a beautiful woman for twelve hours and a witch for twelve hours. Now that you’re my husband, my schedule is your choice. I can be beautiful during the day and impress the neighbors or at night for your pleasure. Tell me what you would prefer.”

I knew from my mother’s wisdom that there was only one correct answer and I shared it with her: “Do what will make you happy.”

She answered, “You have freed me from the spell. I can be beautiful for 24 hours a day now.” And she has for over fifty years.

What does every woman want? Yes, a life of her own!

Several years ago, my wife and I were speaking in a southern city and we interact as we would at home . My wife, Bobbie, is free to correct me and has her time on stage. I could feel the hostility in the audience towards my wife and me.

Later, when talking to one of the women I knew, she said the hostility had to do with the relationship they saw my wife and I display. They were confusing the place of politeness versus submissiveness. And because they had become submissive in their marriages, they had internalized their anger and were expressing it towards me.

It is vital for women who want to remain healthy to do what feels right so that it’s not an intellectual decision as to whether you have a career or become a housewife. I have a drawing by a woman entitled: “Will the real me please stand up?”

She drew a picture of herself split down the middle, with half of herself holding a black purse ( her professional self) and the other half holding her daughter’s hand ( her mommy self ) . It doesn’t take an art therapist to see who is smiling and who is frowning and which one her heart desires to be.

So, don’t wait for a life threatening illness to give you permission to go home and be with your child. But, if the desire of others imposes the life of a homemaker upon you and you want to be a lawyer or opera singer, then do what makes you happy .

Think about this in terms of having twin sisters. One always strives to please her parents, make everyone happy by doing whatever they want, and being a good girl who internalizes anger. Meanwhile, her sister is a little devil who drives everyone nuts and expresses her feelings.

Who is more likely to develop breast cancer , autoimmune diseases, and more? Of course, everyone answers the good girl and studies show you are correct.


Relationships help women live longer than men , and married men longer than single men, with the same cancers but relationships are not meant to make you submissive or lead to an attitude of, “I’ll make this marriage or job work if it kills me.”

Think of a relationship as an ordeal or a struggle. My wife does because she knows 1+1=3. That is when two people get together they create a third entity, the marriage or relationship of any type.

Relationships are work because they relate to creating a third entity and are not about personal benefits. They’re about deciding what to do in relation to your health. If the relationship is affecting your health, then I would say to eliminate it and love from a distance.

However, if your health is not at risk then ask yourself how could love resolve this dilemma? Love is a weapon, I recommend. You can kill with kindness, torment with tenderness and become blind to faults, with love.

I learned the power of love years ago after an accident. I fell off our roof when a ladder broke and hit my head on the pavement. I developed amnesia due to the injury and it improved our marriage dramatically. When my memory returned I sought marriage counseling.

The therapist handed me a piece of paper and said, “Read this and do what it says and save yourself a lot of time and money.” What she handed me was Corinthians 1:13 . I have been working at it ever since and it has provided me with 35 wonderful years of married life and 35 out of 52 isn’t too bad.

So construct your life out of the bricks of love but never forget to use humor as the cement which helps to hold the bricks together. I will also prescribe a dog or cat for you and do not ever let the child in you die. They will create healing relationships and teach you to live in the moment.

By Lola H. Saydee

I met my husband through Yahoo Yahoo – Ghanaian woman declares


eautiful Ghanaian woman who got married to a 90-years old white man.

A Ghanaian woman named Ashlorm TheZionist recently shared a photo with her white husband on social media and several people were interested in her case as to why and how she got married to a 90-year-old white man.

The lady who wouldn’t take any form of trolling from social media users blasted critics who criticized her choice of man. The young lady later shared more loved up pictures of her with her husband.

According to Ashlorm, she was born into a wealthy family but things crumbled when she lost her mother at age 8. She moved to stay with her grandmother in Ho and that was when things started to get worse.

Ashlorm TheZionist and her husband

Between the ages of 8-10, she was made to crack stones in order to feed herself and her younger siblings. And failure to do so will result in beatings from her grandmother.

She continued that, all along her father knew nothing of what she was going through in Ho. She kept writing letters to her dad to explain the situation but the uncle whom the letter would land on, would read but tore them into pieces so her dad will not see it.

It was when she got to JHS 3 at Mawuli school, then she was able to connect with her dad again who came to Ho and took them back to Accra.

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Things had still not changed when she came back to Accra as they were living in a single room as compared to the flashy lifestyle they lived when she was younger.

She went back to Mawuli secondary school to continue her secondary education. In school, she got introduced to dru*s and clubbing. She was always sneaking out at night to go to clubs and was constantly chewing weed.

Queen Ascona, as she was affectionately called in Senior high had a nose piercing, long nails, afro hairstyle in secondary school and instead of her to learn, took to the learning of raps.

After school, she brought her trunk and chop box back home, took money from the tenants and ran away to fend for herself. Already a fan of clubbing, she then became a street girl all in a bid to survive.

According to Ashlorm, she had a younger boyfriend in the UK whom she had a child with. The guy promised to marry her after delivery which he never did, because of pressures from the guy’s family that they won’t allow him to marry a lady who is from a poor background.

She continued that, that got her depressed. And took the decision to marry the old man to prove to her ex that, he isn’t the only one who can travel abroad.

She said she cried profusely after the marriage to the white man because she had no choice than to do that to survive and most importantly had no one in her life at that time to advice her.

In fact, she married without the knowledge of her family.

As to how she met the white man, she explained it was through one guy she met at Circle, in front of the Vodafone office, when she went there to sell pieces of stuff to survive.

She claimed, the guy introduced her into defrauding (what is termed as Sakawa in Ghana), known as “Yahoo Yahoo” in Nigeria.

Ashlorm said, even before she met the guy who introduced her, they had already defrauded the man(now her husband) on several occasions and her role is to keep up the pretense so they can continue to get more money from him.

She finally got married to the old white man as she claimed was a fine opportunity to get out of the country probably help do away with her depression.

Even when she got to England it became a tussle between her and the guy who introduced her to the man because they kept demanding money from her.

She finally had to confess to the white man who, in a reaction got her deported back to the country amidst sleeping with multiple partners because she was addicted to s*x.

Back to Ghana, she continued her old lifestyle — clubbing, smoking and even selling dru*s herself. She met Christ along the line and her life changed and is now an evangelist whose focus is to use the word of God to help people who are suffering from depression.

She advised the youth to desist from wayward lifestyle and give their life to Christ. She kept ‘hammering’ on the fact that her marriage was a mistake and keeps advising the youth not to repeat such acts.

By Amaka Obioji

10 surprising ways newlywed wives annoy their husbands

Most newly married men will resoundingly admit that their lives were less-dramatic when they were single. To some, it’s quite unfortunate you cannot change things after the revered words: “and now by the authority given to me, I declare you husband and wife!”

Newly married men have to put up with annoying behaviour but for fear of blowing up the marriage, they remain silent.

Take George for instance. His wife introduces him to anybody who cares to listen. “This is my hubby!” she can excitedly say at the slightest opportunity. George says that he finds this exceedingly annoying and doesn’t like his wife accompanying him anywhere.

There are hundreds of habits that newly married wives upset their husbands, but we have listed only ten most common ones.

1. Getting overly excited about the marriage

Hurrah! You’re now married! While being happy and excited is accepted, men don’t like a woman who exaggerates it. This show-off can embarrass your husband especially if he’s the “private-life” type.

Opundo, 31, agrees with George saying that from the blues and in the middle of a crowd, his wife can pull him closer and whisper something rather insignificant to his ears. “There are times she makes me feel like I did her a favour by marrying her,” he says.

2. Dependent in simple decision-making

Involving him in petty details isn’t submissiveness! A man respects a woman who can make independent decisions. Joseph Gitonga 37, from Othaya, Nyeri laments: “My wife cannot buy even a kitchen towel without consulting me! It’s tiring and maddening!”

Opundo echoes Gitonga’s sentiments saying his wife can interrupt a meeting with calls and texts just to ask him what he would like for dinner. The two men have another common problem: their wives can’t make decisions about over-staying relatives even if they’re from the wives’ side.

3. Crying wolf to attract attention

Crying wolf will distance him from you. He will ignore all your calls if all you do is sound an alarm. Nicasius Waweru 40, says that for his wife to stop crying wolf, he had to ignore her when she was genuinely in trouble. “She had been bitten by a dog but though the doctor himself called me, I refused to go,” he says. Today, Nicasius says, she knows too well when to sound an alarm.

4. Attempting to change them

“For Pete’s sake you found me smoking, so let me be!” observes Kevin Wawire 43, a Malawian living in Kenya. He says his wife thought she was earning credits by trying to make him quit smoking. Trying to change a man irritates him because you end up being a nag. There are some habits only he can change at his own time. If he knows he’s coming home and cannot do his thing in peace, he will do it where no one asks him.

5. Negative energy

Showing him why and how his plans won’t work is likely to make him keep his issues yo himself. Men want positive support and not examples of who tried it and it never worked. If you can’t be positive then shut up! Dealing with negative energy is another of George’s big issues. “She can never accept anything with the first suggestion!” he says.

6. Threatening to leave

A man hates a woman who keeps threatening to leave the marriage after every small disagreement. The truth is that he may one day ask you to make good that threat and you won’t!

7. Being treated like kids

“I don’t like saying the same more than once. If I say I don’t want to eat now, that’s it!” says Opundo. It annoys him when his wife nags him with “please finish your food; have another glass of juice; fruits are good for you…” This makes a man feel like his authority is being demeaned. When he wants food, he can ask for it!

8. Jealous and suspicious

A man needs some breathing space. Making numerous calls and texts because he isn’t home and it’s already 8.30 PM will make him switch off his phone and perhaps stay longer. “We are now married, it’s now time for me to start making money,” Gitonga says.

9. Brooding and sulking

If ever you want to tell anything your husband, speak it out! Men take time to understand the long face and often ignore it. Julius Kubo says that three years in his marriage and he has never known when his wife is just silent or when she’s brooding. “I ignore it and don’t even attempt to start a conversation,” he says..

10. Being overly submissive

Men want a woman who can challenge them intelligently — a woman who approves anything her husband says is timid, ignorant or is not serious. If a man feels like he’s making decisions alone he may either take advantage of that and start issuing commands or he can withdraw and start doing his own research on internet.

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Eight Rules You MUST Follow When Fighting With Your Husband

Fighting is normal in a relationship. Here’s how to do it the right way.

I have been watching my aunty and his husband for some years back about there marriage life and please hear her lessons follow couples.

Aunty: After 33 years of marriage , I’m here to tell you my husband and I have had our share of fights. And trust me when I tell you, there’s been some real doozies — especially in the early part of our marriage. In fact, you’d think we were in preschool based on how we handled our arguments.

The good news, though, is that it was those earlier fights that actually taught us how to fight like adults who love each other .

These days I’m proud to say we no longer fight. Yeah, we disagree from time to time and might not even talk to each other for a few hours when we are both feeling particularly stubborn, but the serious fighting days are over.

And because of that, here’s what we’ve learned along the way that’s created a marriage of respect, peace and love.

1. Don’t fight in public.

This needs to be a hard and fast rule. Not only are you putting each other in an embarrassing situation, but it’s very uncomfortable for the people who witness you fighting . Whether it’s around strangers or friends, no one wants to see a couple fight.

You’ll never be able to solve the issue in that environment anyway, and the awkwardness of it will only escalate the problem. If you can’t leave right away then couch the conversation until you get home. One advantage to this is that it gives you a chance to cool down a bit by the time you readdress the problem.

2. Don’t fight in front of your kids.

If you have children, they don’t need to be witnesses to the heat of the moment between you and your spouse, but sometimes it happens. When my son was three years old, he came running over to my husband and I while we were fighting. He made us hold hands and said, “Mommy, daddy, no more yelling. Only kissing .”

If there’s one guaranteed way to stop a fight dead in its tracks, it’s that. We picked him up, hugged as a family, and explained sometimes mommy and daddy get upset but still love each other. That moment broke the tension enough to allow us to finish what we started in a calm manner while my son went back to playing in his room.

Once we were finished, we went to my son, holding hands, and told him everything was fine. We told him to remember that sometimes people fight but when they love each other a lot; they always find a way to make things good again.

3. Don’t fight to hurt the other person.

When you’re angry, your ego tends to take over, and the ego is all about war; wars don’t exist without trying to hurt another person. When you go for their sensitive trigger points, their vulnerable place, you’ve hit below the belt and that’s very unfair and immature .

It’s critical to remember, above all else, even in the heat of the moment, this is supposed to be the person you cherish the most in your life and who has put his emotional trust in your hands. Words do hurt and they are not easily forgotten.

4. No pouncing allowed.

Sometimes when you’re angry about something your husband did or didn’t do, you can’t wait to get in his face about it. And sometimes he’s not even aware that he’s about to be on the receiving end of your anger. So if he walks in the door and is suddenly barraged by your anger , things will get out of hand much more quickly.

If he’s been gone all day, greet him as best as you can and give him time to transition to being home. He’ll know you’re upset just by your energy — trust me. Once he’s had 15 minutes or so, let him know you need to discuss something that’s been bothering you .

5. Don’t bring things up from the past.

In those heated moments, it’s easy to want to bring in other artillery from past fights that weren’t completely solved just to arm yourself with more ammo. That’s a big no no. All that does is take your attention away from the matter at hand and will extend, unnecessarily, an argument that might have been able to be solved rather quickly.

Even if the present fight is related to a past situation, still do everything in your power to stick to the issue at hand without nagging: “Here we go again!” “I’ve told you a thousand times!” A repeated argument is indicating that one or both of you isn’t communicating the truth of your anger in a way that is clear and specific, so there’s an understanding taking place on a deeper level.

And it’s not unusual for there to be an underlying issue that’s not being addressed , so you end up focusing on what feels more comfortable and safe.

6. Make sure what you’re fighting about is really the reason for the fight.

When my husband was going through a very difficult unexpected life change, he was edgy, sensitive and impatient. There were times when my compassion for his situation went out the window and off we went.

What I noticed during those moments was the fight was all over the place. I had a hard time keeping up with it. Nothing made sense. That was when I realized the fight wasn’t about anything in particular, but about our relationship . It was his fear about his situation.

Recognizing this, I stopped myself, pulled him into me and just held him. He melted into my arms. From that place we were able to discuss those fears and be lovers on the same page instead of enemies on opposite sides.

7. Avoid being overly dramatic.

Women can be experts at being overly dramatic to make a point or to make something seem like a bigger deal then it really is. Try to keep things in perspective and keep your emotional energy as even as possible . When you do, you’ll be listened to more carefully and the issue can be cleared up much more quickly.

8. Help the relationship and each other grow from the fight.

If all you’ve done is fight and found a way to smooth things over without truly feeling a deeper sense of understanding about yourself, your relationship and your husband, you’ve wasted a perfect opportunity for growth . The more you can really gain emotional and spiritual insight to what took place, the less likely you are to repeat the fight.

At the end, share with your husband what you’re biggest “aha” moment is from the experience and let him know what greater understanding you have about him that you didn’t before. Yes, ask him to give you the same feedback. If he can’t in the moment, it’s OK; I promise he’ll be thinking about it as long as you shared yourself, first.

And I’ll leave you with this: don’t share your fights with your girlfriends . Your relationship with your husband is the most sacred relationship you have. And nothing, aside from an affair, hurts that relationship faster than talking behind your husband’s back. Sharing the details of your fight and any personal information about him that he wouldn’t want anyone else to know about is destructive when he finds out.

And if you think he’s not going to find out, think again. The hurt look on my husband’s face just broke my heart. That’s all it took to never do that again. Please don’t break your husband’s heart.

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