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Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is an infection on the urinary system. It is caused by bacteria entering and multiplying in the urinary structure.

Symptom Of Urinary Tract Infection
Some Of the Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections

Include: Pain when urinating, Cloudy Urine, Blood signs in the urine, Sticking urine, Pain and pelvic pain..


Ingredients: Unripe Paw Paw, Garlic, Water, Corn Silk.

Preparation: Mix Unripe Paw Paw with Garlic and Water, And leave it for three days to ferment.

Dosage: Take One (1) Cup, Three (3) times daily..

Alternative: Alternative, Boil corn silk and drink as tea two (2) times daily..


Abuja wife reveals herbal remedy that cures staphylococcus, gonorrhea and other infections without wasting money on prescription drugs

Dear friend, if you are looking for a herbal treatment to cure STDs like staphylococcus, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia… and get rid of infections permanently without wasting money on drugs, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

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The reason is because my husband and I were experiencing similar problems before.

At first, I started noticing the symptoms of staphylococcus aereus due to severe itching in my private part, irregular menstruation, and brown discharge.

My husband had his own symptoms too. He gets a white milky discharge from the tip of his manhood in the morning, he also experiences pain when urinating, and always had a frequent urge to urinate regularly.

It came as a sudden shock to us because we could not figure out where or how we contacted the STD from.

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So, I quickly went to a big pharmacy to make some inquiries and was told to get 500mg of an antibiotic. I and my husband used it in the evening. We had to continue using it for the next 6 – 8 days so we could notice the effect.

Sadly, after 6 days of using it our conditions have now become worse and one annoying aspect was that the antibiotics left me with a smelly private part.

So, we stopped the self medication immediately.

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We rushed down to the hospital to do some test and find out what was actually wrong.

When the test results came out, my husband and I tested positive to Staphylococcus aereus.

Our Healthcare provider recommended another stronger antibiotic for us.

We used them as instructed… and after the first 3 days the symptoms reduced, some days later the bacteria infection came back again, stronger!

We knew the infections was still very much in our body system!

You see, the problem with STDs and infections is that, in our modern times, the bacterial and microbes are now resistant to drugs like antibiotics and azithromycin.

And if you continue using them, you may be prone to get another STD as well.

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But then, the entire situation changed when I came in contact with an old time friend who was also a Health expert, Mrs. Obasanya who was now based in Canada.

I explained how the STD and infection have affected my marriage, raising concerns from my husband about infidelity issues and also affecting my fertility.

She decided to help me get a permanent cure to it.

She recommended a natural herbal treatment that helps cure Staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea and other infections… while treating the root cause of the problem and banishes it for life from the body system.

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Immediately, I and my husband started using it, after the first 3 days, we noticed that symptoms have reduced and I no longer had any discharge again, and no more pains when urinating.

We continued using it, after 2 weeks, the symptoms have completed cleared from our body system… our urine was clear, no more itching in the private part, pains or discharge.

We decided to go to a Medical Diagnostic centre for a lab test, when the results came out… my husband and I tested negative to the staphylococcus aereus and every other infections!

It was as if the natural herbal treatment for STD and infection worked like a miracle.

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To make sure it was no magic, we decided to give the same herbal remedy to some of our inner circle friends and couples experiencing similar cases of infections that had discussed about the matter privately with us.

Likewise, lots of them came back and were surprised about how the natural herbal treatment helped flush off infections and STD from their body system without any side effects at all.

At this point, let me introduce you to the anti-infection Herbal Capsules, which worked for me and my husband, and helped us clear symptoms and treat the root cause of infections within the next 14 days.

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Mrs. Remi

By Mitchelle Okuku

Eight tips to prevent infection

There are some proven ways to keep yourself healthy. You know the basics: steer clear of runny noses and hacking coughs, you may be wondering about some other practical ways of staying infection free. Your skin acts as a natural barrier against harmful microbes that cause infections, but smart “bugs” have found alternative routes to get into your body and cause infection. By making a few simple behavioral changes (which intimately reduce their access into your body), you can easily prevent the spread of many infectious diseases.

1) Wash your hand frequently.

  • Did you know that  microbes can live on inert surfaces anywhere from a few minutes to several months? It depends on the microbe and the environment. Some can live for short periods only; others can live for longer periods. These disease-causing microbes living on your computer keyboard, your light-switch, or even on the pedestrian-crossing button next to the crosswalk! Surprisingly , most people don’t know the best way to effectively wash hands. The CDC recommends washing thoroughly and vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, followed by hand-drying with a paper towel.

2) Don’t share personal items. 

  • Tiothbrushes, towel, razor, handkerchiefs, and nail clippers can all be sources of infectious agents (bacteria, viruses and fungi). In kindergarten, you were taught to share your toys, buy keep your hands to yourself. Now try to remember to keep personal items to yourself as well!

3) Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

  • In a similar vein, good personal hygiene includes not only personal cleanliness, but also the age old practice of covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Why is this important if you aren’t sick? For most infections, the disease-causing microbe had already started growing and dividing long before any symptoms begin to show up. Coughing or sneezing can spread these germs through microscopic droplets in the air.

    4) Get vaccinated.

    • Your immune system is designed to have a “memory” of previous  infections. When your body encounters microe that has previously caused an infection, it enhances its production of white blood cells and antibodies to prevent infection a second time. However, by getting vaccinated, you “trick” your body into thinking that it has been infected by a particular microbe, hence enhancing its own defenses against subsequent infection. It will protect you and those around you.

    5) Use safe cooking practices.

    • Food-borne illnesses frequently arise from poor food preparation and dining habits. Microbes thrive on virtually all food items, and more so on foods left at room temperature. Refrigeration slows or stops the growth of most microbes. Promptly refrigerate food within 2 hours of preparation. Use separate cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables, keep clean counter tops, and wash all fruits and vegetables well prior to eating. Source: See fightbac.org for more information..

    6) Practice safe sex.

    • Sexually-transmitted diseases are probably the most easily preventable infectious diseases. By being smart about safe sex (using condoms), transfer of infectious bacteria or viruses from one person to another can be prevented.

    7) Don’t pick your nose (or your mouth or eyes either).

    • Not only is it a taboo, but it also leads to the spread of a number of infections. Look around, and you’ll notice how many people have their hands next to their faces. Many microbes prefer the warm, moist environment inside your nose, as well as other mucous-covered surfaces such as your eyes and mouth. Infection can be easily prevented by avoiding touching of these areas.

      8) Exercise caution with animals.

      • Infections that can spread from animals to people are called “zoonotic diseases” and are more common than most people realize. If you have pets, make sure they get regular check-ups and that their vaccinations are up-to-date. Clean litter boxes frequently (unless you’re pregnant-stay away!), and keep small children away from animal faeces. Different types of wild animals can carry diseases such as rabies or bird flu or fleas and ticks that spread plague and Lyme disease. Make the area around your home unfriendly to rodents and other mammals by eliminating areas where they could hide or build nests, using rodent-proof trash cans that contain food waste, and sealing up holes that offer easy and attractive access to animals. And teach small children in your household to be cautious when encountering wild animals.


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          Khloe K says she is healing from staph infection


          Khloe K who has been battling a staph infection informed her fans on Tuesday that she is healing and her temporary quarantine due to the infection is over.
          She wrote on Twitter: ‘I’m so blessed I’m doing better and my infection is healing. I was able to be out and about today… Quarantine is over lol’.


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