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We will destroy Israel and flatten Tel Aviv to the ground, even Netanyahu will be killed, Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to annihilate the world’s only Jewish Nation

​Iran has threatened Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying it will destroy Tel Aviv if there is an attack on the Islamic Republic.

In a televised speech on Monday, a senior Iranian official said the Israeli

city of Tel Aviv would be “leveled to the ground” if Israel were to attack Iran, and Netanyahu would not escape with his life.

Mohsen Rezaei, a former head of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and secretary of the country’s Expediency Council, made the remarks in response to a speech Netanyahu made in Munich on Sunday, The Times of Israel reported.

The Israeli leader threatened strikes against Iran at the international security conference. As he made the warning, Netanyahu brandished a piece of fuselage from an Iranian drone shot down by an Israeli attack helicopter over Israel’s northern border last Saturday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds up what he claims is a piece of an Iranian drone that was shot down after it flew over Israeli territory, at the Munich Security Conference 2018, in Munich, on February 18, 2018. Iran has threatened Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying it will destroy Tel Aviv if there is an attack on the Islamic Republic. Lennart Preiss/MSC 2018 via Getty Images

“About Netanyahu’s unwise words, I should say that if they carry out the slightest unwise move against Iran, we will level Tel Aviv to the ground,” Rezaei told the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar channel on Monday. He added that Tehran would not “give Netanyahu any opportunity to flee.”

The war of words between Iran and Israel follows a flaring of tensions on the ground between the two nations .

The downing of the Iranian drone on February 10 was the first direct confrontation between Israel and Iran in Israeli territory. Since the start of the civil war in neighboring Syria, Israel has regularly intervened to check the expansion of Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, which has backed the Bashar al-Assad led Syrian regime in Damascus.

In response to the drone incursion, Israeli Air Force jets targeted a mobile command center military officials claimed had operated the unmanned aerial vehicle. During the raid, one of eight jets involved in the attack was hit by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile. The aircraft crash-landed in Israel.

Rezaei accused Netanyahu in his speech of being theatrical and childish. “U.S. and Israeli leaders don’t know Iran and don’t understand the power of resistance, and therefore they continuously face defeat,” he said. -YN
Source: onlinenigeria.com


Breaking: Islamic State fighters arrive Nigeria to kill in north central, south south – DSS, others

Security service organizations, including the Department of State Service, have in a report submitted to President Muhammadu Buhari said they have identified an Islamic State in West Africa network operating within some North Central and South South sections of Nigeria that is using foreign terrorists and recruiting young men fighting and killing innocent persons ostensibly to exacerbate tensions along the county’s ethnic, religious and regional fault lines.

According to a Presidency source, this discovery was was made following the arrest of several suspected attackers made up Fulani herdsmen, government-sponsored militias, militants and other miscreants in Benue State.

Among those in custody were many who spoke none of the languages native to Nigeria but the French language.

This is the first time that security officials have confirmed that the Islamic State in West Africa members are operating as a unit in Nigeria and the level of their penetration of the country.

The Sources revealed that a “good number”of the Islamic State terrorists have been arrested not only in the Benue valley but significantly in several towns in Edo State, specifically in Akoko-Edo, Okpella and Benin as well as in Okene in Kogi State”.

According to the unnamed source in the Presidency: “It is understood that the cell which has members in different parts of the country concentrates on recruiting young men to fight for the Islamic State in West Africa by unleashing the cold-blooded murder of innocent citizens.

“There was intelligence that they had planned several attacks here, before and during Christmas and the New Year. Their bombing targets included fuel depots, foreign missions and police and military establishments. Their network is very wide. But so much was achieved by the DSS which had made a significant number of arrests in the last two months that helped to preempt those attacks.

“This helped to save Nigeria from the spate of major terrorist attacks witnessed elsewhere that were syndicated by ISIS worldwide.”

The reports submitted to the Presidency also revealed that security officials now fear an influx of other ISIS members into many parts of the country.

The report said: “We are learning more and more about this complex and sophisticated network. This is the main reason why the secret service is not parading those suspects so far arrested. It has become clear to us by now, that the challenge facing this country is a serious one.”

When contacted, Presidency spokesman, Garba Shehu, confirmed that President Buhari had been receiving what he described as “report upon report on the situation in Benue and other states” and that the DSS has recorded a lot of success lately but said he had not been briefed on any of those reports.

Source: https://theeagleonline.com.ng/amp/author/theeagle

Nigeria joining Islamic coalition has nothing to do with religion- Minister of Foreign Affairs says


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama,
has debunked claims that Nigeria joining the
Islamic Coalition against Terror being led by
Saudi Arabia, has a religious affiliation.
Onyeama made the clarification while speaking
with State House Correspondence in Abuja today
March 7th.
“What I say first of all is that you guys in
the media have to be more responsible in
the way you present news. First and
foremost, get your facts right. It has
nothing to do with religion as far as
Nigeria is concerned.
We have to look at what the objective is.
We face terror challenges and it’s a
global phenomenon. Unfortunately, the
problem we have today is that some of
the terrorists groups are claiming some
of the things they are doing is in the
name of a particular religion and it is
clear to everybody that this is not the
case which is obviously a concern to
people of Islamic faith and Islamic
countries that their religion should be so
abused. So, there is naturally a tendency
to show that this has nothing to do with
Islam. Terrorism has nothing to do with
Islam. Islamic countries, Islamic people
want to be seen as being in the forefront
of the battle against these terrorists to
show also that it has absolutely nothing
to do with religion. That’s what this is all
about. So, we are supporting every move
to achieve this, to disabuse people’s
minds that some of these terrorists are
speaking in the name of Islam or are
Islamic or that there’s anything about
Islamic teaching that somehow condones
these barbaric actions. “I think it’s
something we should all get together and
we should all support whoever is working
towards it. And that’s what this coalition
is for, to show too that we are a Muslim
country, we are Muslims and these
people do not speak for Islam, have
nothing to do with Islam. Most of the
victims of these people are Muslims if
you look at it. So, that’s what it is. It has
nothing to do with Nigeria, Christianity,
Islam. I think the media should really get
the main message across” he said

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U.S. general sees air strikes against Islamic State picking up



   PHOTO: http://www.worldbulletin.net

U.S. and coalition forces are likely to
increase air strikes against Islamic State
targets in Iraq and Syria in coming
weeks after a lull in September and
The head of U.S. Air Forces Central
Command, Lt-Gen. Charles Brown, said
this while speaking with reporters on
Saturday at the Dubai International Air
Chiefs Conference.
Brown said that the reduction in air
strikes was due to weather and to a
slowdown in activity on the ground and
not due to the start of Russian air strikes
in the region.
He said both government forces and
insurgents were increasing their ground
movements to create more opportunities
for the U.S. and its allies to carry out
more air strikes against Islamic State
“If they’re not out and about, it’s harder
to strike, particularly for an adversary
that may wrap themselves in the civilian
population,’’ he said.
Brown also rejected criticism that the
U.S. was not using air strikes as much or
effectively as possible.
He said that coalition forces were
striving to avoid civilian casualties that
could help recruitment for Islamic State.
He also noted that the sheer number of
air strikes was less of an indicator than
the targets hit and the number of
weapons used.
The U.S. and its allies targeted Islamic
State in Iraq with 14 air strikes on
Thursday, and also hit the militant group
with nine air strikes in Syria, the U.S.
military said.
Brown told reporters that an agreement
signed with Russia to avoid possible mid-
air collisions was working well, and no
incidents had been reported.
“They don’t want a mid-air and neither
do we,’’ he said.
He said that the agreement did not
hinder U.S. forces from carrying out
strikes where needed.
“We have said, we are going to fly where
we need to, to get the job done,’’ he said.
Scours: TheGuardian

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