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Kenya ‘seizes illegally imported sugar’

Kenyan officials have confiscated 3,000 bags of what is suspected to be illegally imported sugar from a warehouse in Meru town in the east, local media reports.

The sugar, which was imported from Brazil, was being repackaged into bags to indicate it was sourced from Zambia, Meru County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga was quoted as saying.

At least 13 workers, along with the manager of the warehouse, had been arrested, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.


‘Trump pressures Kenya to seize South Sudan assets’

Kenya’s Daily Nation news site says that the country’s government has resisted pressure from the US to seize assets and wealth belonging to South Sudan’s elite.

The newspaper quotes Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau as saying:

Kenya knows its obligations in regards to corruption and money laundering, and is working closely with the international community on the same. However, we work with multilateral platforms and don’t take instructions from other sovereign states.”

The Trump administration’s actions follow the publication of a report in 2016, commissioned by actor George Clooney, which accuses South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir, opposition leader Riek Machar, and top generals of making themselves rich while the country has struggled under a civil war of their making.

The report found that family members of President Kiir and Mr Machar reside in luxurious homes outside South Sudan, including homes in one particular upmarket neighbourhood of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Daily Nation

The beautiful family of Nairobi lady who died after undergoing breast enlargement surgery

– The mother of three lost her life after undergoing a breast enlargement surgery at a helth facility

– June Mulupi seemingly foresaw her death in a blog post she wrote

– She has left behind a young family following her pursuit for more beauty

June Wanza Mulupi the woman who died following a botched breast enlargement surgery, lived life to the fullest surrounded by loving family.

The mother of three who died of sepsis at Nairobi Hospital after a breast augmentation surgery that went wrong at Karen hospital, might also have had premonition of her untimely demise as she wrote a blog about death in 2016.

Mulupi’s sudden death sent chills across the country especially among women who increasingly have sought larger breasts.

June Wanza Mulupi died after a botched breast augmentation surgery at Karen hospital. Photo: Anne Mutabari/ Facebook

The deceased reportedly loved blogging about food and life however, on January 2016 she penned an article titled, Make the most of your time on earth, wondering whether there are people who are ever ready for death, as reported by Nairobi News, on Tuesday, June 13.

Mulupi was full of life and enjoyed a warm family relationship. Photo: Fortune Wasike/ Facebook

In the detailed blog, Mulupi described how her husband’s community treats the dead unbeknown to her death would come calling sooner than she imagined two years down the line.

Mulupi was described as kind and a great mother to her three children. Photo: June Mulupi/ Instagram

“Where he (husband) comes from, they treat corpses as if they still have life, that’s why they will carry it to the home of the deceased a few days before they bury the body, so they can ‘hang’ around it, she penned.

Her relatives fondly referred to her as a great mother to her three kids, exceptional and kind.

Mulupi wrote about death in 2016 on her blog. Photo: June Mulupi/ Facebook….

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By Mary Wangari

Kenya launches first National Land Use Policy

By NJOKI KIHIU, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun, 12 – Kenya’s first National Land Use Policy has been unveiled to enhance planning and promote equitable utilization with the main aim of ending the perennial land problems in the country.

The policy was unveiled at a ceremony presided over by Deputy President William Ruto, who lauded it as a solution to unplanned settlements that have impacted negatively on the environment.

The Deputy President hailed the policy saying it will give Kenyans dignity and a sense of belonging as well as promote food security which is one of the key pillars in the government’s Big Four agenda

‘’Successful implementation of this policy will place Kenya firmly on an accelerated path to Vision 2030 via the big four agenda. Success is critical and there is no room for failure or mediocre work in implementing this policy,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President asked the Ministry of Lands to plan wisely on how the objectives of the policy will be realized since it will be the framework to plan for future land use.

Ruto reiterated that lack of vision, incompetence and mediocre planning is a threat to the development of the country and achievement of the policy is not an option.

“Every effort must be committed to ensuring that it succeeds in addressing food insecurity, unplanned settlements, inefficient land practices and environmental degradation,” he said.

Besides employing the Policy, referred to as the Sessional Paper No.1 of 2017, to address land problems in the country, Mr Ruto called on the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning to lead the way in forecasting and planning on the land requirements of the country.

According to the Lands Cabinet Secretary Faridah Karoney, the National Land Use Policy sets out long-term goals on land use management.

Ms Karoney said the policy provides legal, administrative, institutional and technological framework for optimal use and productivity of land in a sustainable way.

“This policy calls for the allocation of lands and issuance of titles on the basis of approved physical development plans. It further advocates for an audit and mapping out of the number and location of informal settlements and provide security of tenure,” she said.

By Ola

Families identify plane crash victims

 Plane Crash Victims.jpg

© TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images Kenya Red Cross staff assist a distressed woman on June 8, 2018 at the Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi, where relatives arrived to identify the bodies of victims of a fatal plane…

Anguish, disbelief and tears prevailed at Lee Funeral Home as the bodies of the victims of the air crash victims were identified by friends and relatives yesterday.

On a gloomy Friday morning in the city, and in a chilly weather that seemed to resonate with the grimness of the moment, family members identified the bodies of the ten victims who were involved in the Tuesday evening air crash in the Aberdares.

A relative who did not wish to go on record so as not to be seen to contradict other family members described the state of the bodies as “horrific and traumatising”.

All the ten bodies of the victims were positively identified by their relatives in the exercise that lasted for more than four hours.

Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor led the team of pathologists who conducting autopsies on the bodies of the crash victims.

One by one, families were taken to the morgue’s viewing bay to identify their relative, from which cries of disgust would burst upon seeing the horror in which their family member had died.

Not even the lengthy counselling session offered by a team led by officers from the Kenya Red Cross during the action-packed session was enough to comfort the anguished and traumatised families.

Those who perished in the accident are crew members Captain Barbara Wangeci and First Officer Jean Mureithi.

The passengers were Ahmed Ali, Khetia Kishani, Pinuerkerton Ronald, Kabara Waweru, George Ngugi, Robinson Wafula and Matakasarai Thamani and Matakatekei Paula.

With deep anguish, most of them narrated how they had bid farewell to family members who were full of life only moments earlier as they took the flight from Kitale heading to Nairobi.

Their hopes to see them again would be dashed when they learnt about the crashed light aircraft in the dense Aberdare Forest.

Now seeing their bodies lie on the icy morgue stretchers, lifeless and badly mutilated, was too much to bear for some of them who wept their hearts until they could cry no more.

The family of Ronald Wafula described him as a hardworking young man.

While Wafula’s father Eric Wafula Wanyonyi had an unmistakable look of defeat on his face, his mother was inconsolable, a spectacle which all but told of the height of grief of losing their firstborn son.

“It’s hard to believe that that my son is gone. Wafula was barely thirty years and was well schooled (he had a Master in accounting). He had a great business acumen and was very determined to succeed,” said Mr Wanyonyi, who is Turkana County deputy county commissioner.

“I had invested so much in my son and I had so much in hope in him to succeed. This tragedy is deeply shocking for me and the entire family,” Wanyonyi added.

Mr Wanyonyi also appealed to the government to speed up investigations to reveal what transpired during the flight leading to the accident.

Had Ali Abdi Ahmed had his Iftar in Kitale as requested by his cousin Abdikadir Noor, he may have avoided travelling in the ill-fated aircraft.

“I had asked him to delay his flight and break his fast with us in Kitale before flying to Nairobi, but he declined saying he had several activities scheduled for that evening in Nairobi and had to fly early,” Mr Noor said.

“We even prayed together that midday at the mosque in Kitale before he left for the airstrip,” Noor added, saying that he was shocked to learn that the aircraft had plunged at Elephant Pit in Aberdare forest.

Abdi Ahmed, 40, operated a chain of businesses in Kitale and Kapenguria, among them petrol stations, hardware and general merchandise stores.

According to his family, Kabara Waweru, another of the crash victims met his death while travelling to Nairobi to renew his passport.

Source: Daily Nation

Lie detector tests for Kenyan officials

Top officials working for Kenya’s government must undergo a lie detector test as part of a corruption crackdown, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Mr Kenyatta said the test, which would determine employee “integrity”, was just one part of a raft of planned measures to deal with the problem.

He was speaking after it was revealed 8bn Kenyan shillings (£59m; $78m) had gone missing from a government agency.

Some 40 civil servants are facing charges over the alleged theft.

The corruption scandal, which was brought to light by suppliers who had not been paid, saw funds allegedly stolen via the National Youth Service (NYS) through fake invoices and multiple payments.

Ten Kenya financial institutions probed

A total of 10 financial institutions suspected of handling money allegedly stolen from Kenya’s National Youth Service (NYS) will be investigated, the director of criminal investigations has confirmed to Reuters news agency.

Nine are commercial banks and one a financial co-operative society, the local Daily Nation newspaper reported.

The list of lenders, according to the newspaper, included Barclays Bank, Standard Charted and East Africa’s biggest bank by assets, KCB Group.

George Kinoti, the director of criminal investigations, told Reuters the list was accurate.

About 40 civil servants and 14 private sector individuals were charged on Monday over the alleged theft of $78m (£59m) from the youth agency.

Today, about 200 people marched through the capital, Nairobi, to condemn “high level” corruption in Kenya.

Daily Nation

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