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Why Is It That Many Women Out There Marry Low Quality Men?

I was at my parents house the other day and my mom was watching the TV show Four Weddings . In it, four brides-to-be attend each other’s weddings and judge it based on four categories: dress, venue, food and overall experience. Overall Experience: The woman who’s wedding is judged the highest receives a dream honeymoon for her and her new husband.

I’m not opposed to a reality show judging weddings, but this criteria is really bizarre. Anyone can do research of hire an event planner and be pretty flawless on these points, it just takes effort and money — I know, I used to be an event planner. So, in a sense, it’s kind of a contest about who already has the most money, and who is wise enough to listen to the advice of venue staff and industry experts. The actual bride would benefit by being a passive middle man between these people and the event, rather than competing herself.

In this sense, the show was missing what I think the real competition of getting married is about — the groom. Why isn’t there a groom category they judge each other on? That’s the most important part of getting married.

There are criteria that vary by woman’s preference — does he participate in the ceremony? Is he witty vs. goofy? Does he adhere to whatever standards of attraction the woman has?

But there are a vast and legitimate number of objective ways we could judge the groom–are his friends and family cool? Does he have a good job? How much does he care about his bride’s happiness? Does he know how to control his anger? Is he reasonable?

I had an acquaintance years ago who was 29 and extremely militant on his I’ll-never get-married-and-kids-are-dream-slayers philosophy. To him, his whole life was his and he really wanted to make it as a writer so getting married and/or having kids would be giving up the freedom he needed to do that. Then he met a girl and they started dating seriously. Right before he got engaged to her we went to lunch with another friend who asked him if kids were down the line since he’d changed his mind on the whole marriage thing.

He said no, obviously, he’d made up his own mind and although his soon-to-be fiancé wanted to change his mind, it would never happen. She also wanted to do premarital counseling, I guess, to make sure they were compatible but it was going to be uncomfortable and require too much work so he’d made the decision that they weren’t going to do that.

To me, this is a low quality, but common husband. He not only does not care about what you want, but he belittles you to the people in his life. This wasn’t just his secret acquaintance personality, he was a forthcoming person. She was just enamored by how funny and tall he was, I imagine, to care that at a very deep level he just does not give a shit about anyone else. This is a guy that you say no to, no matter how charming he is. Or, you allow yourself to get swept away and have a few good years followed by several miserable ones.

There’s no epidemic of people having shitty weddings (well, there is, but who cares?) But there is an epidemic of women marrying below them. This choice is what, if anything, people should judge you on — not your wedding venue.

By Rosemary

Somali town ‘bans wedding dancing’

A town in southern Somalia has banned men and women dancing together at weddings, a local radio station is reporting.

Barawe’s district commissioner cited Islamic law as the reason for the dancing ban.

It used to be common for the sexes to intermingle on dance floors in Somalia, until the Islamist militant group al-Shabab began to take over territory in 2007 – imposing a strict version of Sharia in these areas.

Barawe was under the occupation of the militants for seven years until 2014.

Commissioner Adan Omar Madobe also said his administration had banned women from wearing the full-face veil, or niqab – it leaves the area around the eyes clear

He told Radio Kulmiye this decision had been taken for security reasons:

We have seen incidents where men wear a veil to disguise themselves as women with the aim of doing harm to the public.”

It is not the first Somali town to do so – Jowhar banned them in 2015 for the same reasons.


10 Reasons Men With High-Powered Jobs Marry Women They Don’t Love

Most people don’t get to pick when they fall in love, because, as we all know, that’s not how true love works. But these high-powered men have an ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that mentality about allowing their emotions to take over. For some of these moguls, it’s on purpose; for others, it’s subconscious. But, either way you slice it, it’s a type of fucked-up efficiency most of us will never understand. (But lets try.)

1. They decide to “get married” rather than to “marry someone” – When men of power set out to achieve something, they accomplish it. And marriage is no exception.

2. It saves time – You can’t outsource love! Love requires work, and work requires effort, and effort requires time! If they had to make choices based on emotions, things could really end up off schedule.

3. Efficiency trumps emotion – Making choices based on emotion is a delicate and lengthy process. It takes time and energy they just aren’t willing to exert.

4. It clears up headspace for what they consider “more important things” – The human mind can have only so much information in it at one time. And true love is a HUGE space sucker.

5. It allows for outside relationships – If they really loved someone, they would have to exert self-control in order to be faithful. And we all know how much energy that can take. Most of these women know the deal when they sign up for this gig, so his behavior is also seemly a guilt-free experience. (Lying is another.)

6. They already give all their love to their work (and to themselves) – There just isn’t any more room in their hearts for true love.

7. They don’t have to take her feelings, needs, and wants into consideration before making big decisions – This allows them to keep their autonomy and streamline yet another process in their daily routine.

8. They need a productive teammate, not a loving soulmate – A woman’s ability to co-pilot is far more important then her ability to express her emotions (and all the other wonderful things that come along with love).

9. Love isn’t guaranteed to last – They aren’t willing to risk a lifelong relationship on love, because, if the love fades, they will have to start over (and lose half their shit!).

10. They don’t even know what true love is – They have spent so much of their energy on their career that they never got to feel, to experience, to enjoy, or to ride the emotional rollercoaster that is true love.

By Ndifreke UDOH

Funny: Don’t laugh alone folks

A Man saw a lion in the bush, he knelt down & closed his eyes & started praying…
When he opened his eyes,👀 he saw the lion🐅 kneeling in front of him& was praying too. What a shock! He asked the lion, are you a Christian ? The lion replied…”idiot” don’t you pray before you eat? 🍗🍖…….. 😂…

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One killed after attacker slit throats at South Africa Mosque

One person has died after an attack on a mosque on the outskirts of Durban, South Africa, Prem Balram, a spokesman for Reaction Unit South Africa, has told the BBC.

The man died on the way to hospital in the Durban area, Mr Balram said, adding the two others remained in a critical condition.

The private emergency service was the first on the scene at the Imam Hussain mosque in Verulam.

Police have also confirmed the attack, confirming three unknown men entered the mosque at about 14:00 local time (12:00 GMT) – just after the midday prayer.

The suspects then attacked three people before setting some of the mosque’s rooms alight.

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Meet The World’s Tallest Married Couple (Photos)

A husband and wife who are both more than 6 feet tall have been named as the the tallest couple in the world.
Sun Mingming and his wife Xu
A couple – Sun Mingming and his wife Xu Yan from China – are the tallest married couple in the world according to
Guinness World Records.
Mingming, 33, stands tall at 7ft 8.98″ while his wife, Xu Yan, 29, is more than a foot smaller – but still incredibly tall – at 6ft 1.74″.

The couple has a jaw-dropping combined height of more than 13ft 10″. The pair are (unsurprisingly) sports stars in their home country – Mingming is a basketball player while Yan plays handball.
They met at the National Games of China in 2009 and married in Beijing on 4 August 2013.
When the pair visited the Guinness World Records’ UK headquarters, they shared their words of wisdom for a happy marriage.
“No one is perfect, therefore you need to support one another on a daily basis,” said Mingming.
He also revealed the height-related difficulties facing the pair.
“Everyday tasks such as traveling by car, plane or getting a room in a hotel do prove difficult, but we’re used to these problems,” he added.

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Man exposed for disguising as a Woman to go on a date with another Man (Photos)

The unnamed con artist

This able-bodied young man has refused to engage in a decent living as he has decided to con people for a living. He recently met his waterloo after he dressed as a woman to meet a potential victim he has been in touch with over time.

Initially, his victim thought he was truly a female and was excited about ‘doing the do’ till his secret somehow got exposed dramatically.

According to social media reports, the con artist reportedly devoured some grilled chicken and juice for free before he was nabbed.

He was publicly disgraced and his pictures have been shared online to ridicule him and also alert people about the scam.

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By sbillion