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Mommy’s Love for us all nor matter what

I vote your mum to be the best mum in the world for a job well done in bringing such a wonderful, caring, loving and intelligent person like you. And nurturing you to be the kind of person everyone admires. May God grant her long life and prosperity..
Do this to add more years to her life.

But if she’s dead may her perfect soul rest in the Blossom of Almighty Living God.. than share it to other woman that sees you as her son or daughter!..


Ghanaian Mother beats daughter to death and buries the corpse

38-year-old mother, Larteley Mensah has been arrested by the Ghanaian police for beating her ailing eight-year old daughter, Tani Sanni to death. This happened in her Accra home and her reason is that Tani, who had been battling a chronic skin disease before the incident, failed to cover up her vomit with sand as she had been instructed. Tani Sanni had been staying with her dad following the separation of her parents, however, due to the deterioration of her chronic skin disease, the father brought her to her mother for proper care.

Mensah reportedly sought the help of two individuals who assisted her to bury the body secretly at midnight at Lavender Hill in Jamestown situated close to where liquid waste is disposed into the sea and notorious for its stench. Korle Bu District Police Commander, DSP Theophilus Esilfie, said Mensah’s accomplices, identified as Adorkor and Ebenezer Annor, Larteley’s boyfriend, are on the run.

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​Shocking! Teenage student shoots and kills his parents when they came to pick him up from school

Twitter image of Davis Jr. (James Davis via Twitter)
A Central Michigan University student allegedly shot and killed his parents Friday morning in a fourth-floor dorm room, sources told the Detroit Free Press.
A university student accused of killing his parents at Central Michigan University (CMU) in the US has been arrested, campus officials said.

James Eric Davis Jr, 19, allegedly killed the couple in a residence hall on Friday morning when they came to pick him up for a week-long spring break.

The suspect fled after the shooting and was seen on a train passing through the end of campus after midnight, local media reported. He was later arrested without incident, officials said.

Officials said they believed the shooting “started from a domestic situation”.

James Davis Sr. (l.), 48, and his wife, Diva Davis (r.), 47, were fatally shot by their son, James Davis Jr., 19, at a dorm room on the Central Michigan University Campus on March 2, 2018. (Facebook)
In a news conference on Friday, campus police spokesman Larry Klaus told reporters the suspect was known to police, as they took him to a hospital the night before the incident for a “drug-related type of incident – an overdose or a bad reaction to drugs”.

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In Ogun Woman reports alleged kidnapping of mother, daughter


A young woman has reported the alleged kidnap of her aunt and cousin, appealing with the Lagos State Police Command to help in their recovery.

The woman identified as Adenike Mesioye, made the appeal on Thursday, June 16, 2016, soliciting help for the rescue of her uncle’s wife and daughter, who were allegedly kidnapped in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, and reportedly brought to Ikorodu, Lagos state two weeks ago.
Mesioye was reportedly reacting to the arrest of one Felix Silva , who is alleged to have masterminded the kidnap of the three Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary school girls » , on February 29, 2016.
Commenting on a post revealing details of Silva’s arrest by the Lagos Police Command’s spokesperson, Superintendent Dolapo Badmos , on
Facebook, Mesioye disclosed that the kidnappers reportedly took their victims to Ikorodu.
She went on to reveal that the family has paid an alleged N5 million as a ransom fee, but the kidnappers are allegedly demanding N75 million more before releasing the women.
Writing, Mesioye said:
“Please, my uncle’s wife and daughter were kidnapped in Ijebu Ode about two weeks ago, and brought to Ikorodu side. After collecting N5m, they (kidnappers) are still demanding N75m.
“They (victims) are yet to be released. They told us that unless we cooperate, we can’t find them. The money was given to them beside sea (waterside) in Ikorodu. They used jetty to cross the river. Please help us.”
When asked if the family has lodged a report at the police divison where te kindapping allegedly took place, Mesioye confirmed that a report has been lodged, revealing that the police have been searching for the victims as well as their kidnappers.
“We have done that. They are searching but the kidnappers’ calls always come from Ikorodu. The police searched everywhere but did not see them. But the day they wanted to collect the N5million, the kidnappers asked us to meet them beside the water. They said only one woman should bring the money and they told the woman that where they kept my uncle’s wife and daughter, no one can see them.
“That unless we cooperate, we will not see them and they can keep them where they are for a year without anyone knowing. They normally give them phone to talk to my uncle and they always used the wife’s phone to contact the family.”

SP Badmos expressed the command’s willingness to cooperate with its counterpart in Ogun State where the incident allegedly took place, to help ensure the rescue of the women.
“Adenike Mesioye, even though it is Ogun State command’s case, we won’t mind partnering with them to rescue the victims. Kindly contact the IPO (Investigating Police Officer) in Ogun State to approach us. We are willing to help.”

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Source: Pulse

Stupidity 14-yr-old girl attempts suicide after mother rejected 34-yr-old ‘Okadaman’ boyfriend


A 14-year-old girl attempted to kill herself after mother rejected her relationship with 34-year-old motorcycle rider.

A 14-year-old girl in Ghana identified as
Adjoa, is presently fighting for her life in a hospital at the at Nweneso Number One in the Ashanti Region of the country, after she reportedly drank some
poisonous substance » after her mother refused to accept her 34-year-old ‘Okadaman’ (Commercial motorcyclist) boyfriend, Daily Graphics reports.

The girl’s mother, identified as Maame Ampomaa , could not come to terms with why her teenage daughter would be a love relationship » with a man old enough to be her father and narrated how the whole incident played out:
“About a week ago, I noticed that she had gotten herself a boyfriend. I am a widow and a single mother who toils to take care of her, so, I told her that she would stop schooling and stay home if she continued the relationship.
I woke up this morning and could not find her. I went to her room only to find her almost dying after consuming a poisonous substance.
I rushed her to a nearby hospital and I am praying that she gets well soon. I was only looking out for her own good so that with all the monies spent on her education, she does not get pregnant.
She may end up not getting a good man to marry, that is why I also asked her to stay away from this relationship,” the distraught mother said.

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Source: Pulse

A shocking confession of a mother of how she sleeps with her Son, has gone viral on social media.


See what she wrote below:
Last year, everything started going downhill. My husband divorced me, I couldn’t afford the rent on my apartment anymore, and I couldn’t manage the deposit for even a cheap apartment. Then the convenience store I worked at shut down. My son Jimmy and I started to live in my car.
My old boss Mr B., who had always seemed the nicest guy in the world, gave me a few bucks to tide me over, but it ran out. I went for another loan and he offered me a “job” with would come with money and a trailer to live in. He said all I had to do was have s_ex with my son for his amusement every weekend. I threatened to tell the cops, he pointed out it would look like I was trying to get revenge.
I slapped him and stomped away. Three weeks later, after not eating for two days and with winter coming and still living in my car, I talked about it with Jimmy. We both agreed that we didn’t have a lot of options. So I went back to Mr B. and asked if we could take up his offer. It’s been a year now. We live in a nice trailer that’s actually bigger than our old apartment. Jimmy’s back in school.
On Friday night we drive over to Mr B.’s house and stay until Sunday night. It’s always different. Sometimes he makes us act out skits, sometimes he tells us to “do our own thing”, sometimes he has one of us jump and force ourself on the other, sometimes he just randomly has us do different positions. Every evening ends with one or both of us “blowing” Mr B. He never participates otherwise. He paid extra for a Christmas performance last year.
At some point I stopped looking for a new job. I think we’ve both accepted that this is our lifestyle now. Jimmy actually looks forward to the weekends, and he’s begun touching me and has on occasion gotten into bed with me on weeknights. I can hardly object to anything, seeing as we’ve done things even my husband never did with me. Mr B. says he’ll give us the deed to the trailer if I get pregnant. Jimmy and I are considering it. I don’t know if I should be disgusted with myself or glad that I didn’t starve to death.

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Buhari President condoles with President of Ghana over death of mother



Buhari spoke with Mahama over the phone today, Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

President Muhammadu Buhari has sent his condolences to President John Mahama of Ghana, over the death of his mother.
Punch reports that Buhari spoke with Mahama over the phone today, Wednesday, June 15, 2016.
The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, in a statement made available to newsmen, said “The President told the Ghanaian leader that his personal thoughts and prayers as well as those of Nigerians are with him as he mourns the passage of a beloved mother.
“The President further prayed that the loving memory and virtues which Hajia Abiba Nnaba lived for will continue to inspire all who knew her and generations to come.”
President Buhari is currently in London receiving treatment for his ear disease.
According to Pulse Ghana, Hajia Abibata Nnaba Sluwu mother of President John Mahama died on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

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