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​I will never pay for international collaborations – Olamide

Self-acclaimed king of the streets, Olamide Adedeji, aka ‘Olamide’ has told his fans not to expect seeing him in an international collaboration anytime soon, because he is not willing and will never pay for an international collaboration.

The Who u epp rapper who made the disturbing disclosure during a recent interview, believes that international collaboration is not a necessary criteria for him to succeed or to remain relevant as an artiste in the Nigerian music industry.

He stressed his passion for street music and emphasized the fact that since his debut, his music has appealed to all generations in and out of Nigeria and Africa, therefore he needs no international collaboration to remain relevant.

“I will never pay for an international collaboration, Fela never did any international collaboration neither did he lobby or pay for any international collaboration, and his music went as far as all over the world.

He was relevant while alive and even after his death, his music was much sought after, so why would I want to pay for an international collaboration because I want to remain relevant in the music industry”, Olamide stated.

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Biafra Protests IPOB Spain promises to pay victims’ hospital bills


IPOB Spain made the announcement via a statement released by the Head of the Directorate of States in Spain, Uchenna Asiegbu.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Spain has said that it will pay the hospital bills for every Biafra supporter who was injured in a clash with security officials in Onitsha, Anambra State on May 30, 2016.
IPOB » Spain made the announcement via a statement released by the Head of the Directorate of States in Spain,
Uchenna Asiegbu, according to Vanguard.
The statement reads:
IPOB will pay the hospital bill of every injured Biafran in this quest for justice, from contributions from family members all over the world. We don’t want any politician to contribute to the treatment of those they ordered to be shot on sight.
Let no family member of IPOB accept any dime from Governor Willie Obiano or any other Nigerian politician. IPOB is equal to every task laid before it and will never allow its members and non- members who were wounded by gun toting soldiers to suffer.
IPOB is using this opportunity to thank all the medical doctors and nurses in Biafraland for their courage and support during the remembrance day celebration, for the rescue of our members and brothers, who escaped being felled by the lawless soldiers, who have decided to abandon their job of protecting Nigeria against external aggression to pursue non- violent IPOB and other Biafra agitators in Nigeria.

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Source: Pulse

Wait, say what? MTN reportedly agrees to pay N1.04 trillion fine


Telecommunication company, MTN, has
reportedly agreed to pay the N1.04 trillion fine
slammed on it by the Nigerian Communications
Commission NCC for flouting the regulatory
body’s directive on SIM deactivation. MTN is
reportedly pleading for a staggered payment plan
to pay-up the fine.
Vanguard quoted a source as saying that the
agreement to employ the staggered payment
model followed a series of meetings between top
executives of MTN Nigeria and South Africa with
VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
“There have been series of meeting at the
Presidency between Vice President
Osinbajo and MTN team both from South
Africa and the Nigerian arm. MTN wanted
a waiver considering their level of
investments in the country, but government
did not buy the idea of waiver. Instead, I
think there will be concession, but certainly
not a waiver. At the conclusion of the
meeting, the MTN people negotiated on
how to stagger the payment. The
Presidency is even angry because MTN
was a signatory to the regulation, but they
are failing to comply with rules.” the
source added.

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