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Cameroon election: Kamto declares himself winner

In Cameroon an opposition candidate has declared himself the winner of Sunday’s presidential election despite a government warning not to announce any unofficial results.

At a press conference in the capital Yaoundé, Maurice Kamto said he had received a clear mandate from the people and he vowed to defend it.

Mr Kamto provided no evidence to back up what correspondents say is both a controversial and provocative declaration.

No official results have yet been declared and the Constitutional Court has two weeks to announce the outcome.

Ahead of Sunday’s vote, President Paul Biya was widely seen as the favourite to win – he is seeking a seventh term in office.



Dr Alex Otto OFR

Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.

My dear brother, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I beg to let you know that even though this letter of appeal I am sending across to you bothers on issue of governance in our dear state of Abia, it bears little resemblance to my previous interventions that sought to assess your performance or criticize your programs we found fault in.

I must also plead with you to ensure that this letter is not politicized or trivialized like my previous releases so that its essence would not be lost to attacks and counter media attacks.

My dear brother, facts on ground show that Abia Civil Servants are presently owed up to ten months salary arrears, while pensioners are owed up to sixteen (16) months pension arrears. I do not intend to delve into the issues of Leave Allowances and Gratuity which are also as neglected as Salary and Pension.

I chose to make this passionate appeal at this point in time because facts available show that the situation has become very critical and pathetic for serving and retired Abia civil servants.

Like me, I am sure you must have read or been informed of series of reports concerning the untimely, and avoidable deaths of Abia civil servants and pensioners who had need to take care of their health, but had no money, because government chose to owe them unjustly.

I do not just read this sad situation only in the newspapers and on social media, I get text messages and calls that are painful and very pathetic, and which convinced me that the situation has indeed taken a dangerous dimension and thus must not be allowed to continue.

I would not want to bandy figures of Abia’s statutory monthly allocations for the state and the seventeen (17) local governments, internally generated revenues and oil derivation funds, but I do know that they have been more than enough to execute monumental projects as well as pay Abia workers and pensioners up to date if your government had managed such resources with high sense of frugality and responsibility.

Is it not such a provocative tragedy of immense proportion that the state under your watch received little over Thirty Billion Naira (N30B) Naira in Bailout fund and Paris Club Refunds from the Federal Government, and yet could not pay salaries or clear the pension arrears even when the government repeatedly assured it would do so?

Does it mean that Abia State government would have been owing more than one year salary arrears if the Bailout fund and Paris Club Refunds didn’t come in the first place?.

This sincere letter is not anchored on rumour or driven by hearsay, thus I wouldn’t want to believe the insinuation and alleged boast by some agents of your government that you intend to clear the salary arrears just before the 2019 election so as to get the support of civil servants for your re-election bid.

Such selfish political strategy, if it is true, would only increase the number of deaths arising from hunger and sickness due to prolonged non payment of salary arrears. It is only the living that can vote.

It would also confirm the generally held view that your government has the capacity not to owe salaries but intentionally chose to.

In one of my articles, published in my Thisday Column and republished by numerous other media platforms who found it very interesting, I harped on the moral and economic obligations that would have been met when salaries are paid promptly and I would like to revisit and restate a few lines here.

The Bible reminds us that ” We should not muzzle the ox while it threads out the grain, and that the labourer is worthy of his wages”. 1 Timothy 5:18.

God went further to sound more angry as if he was referring to the case of Abia workers when he warned that “Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who moved your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty”. – James 5:4.

The Quaran was also very much in agreement when it stated that “The Prophet said, you should pay the labourer his wages before his sweat dries up”. Sunan Ibn Majah (Volo 3) (2443)

A similar injunction was made in the Quaran with the message that says “And oh my people! Give just measure and weight, nor withhold from the people, the things that are their due”. Quran 11:85

From the economic point of view, I comprehensively explained the positive impacts of payment of workers’ salaries on the economy in times of recession.

Even though our economy has recovered a bit few months after I wrote that piece, yet my argument on the timely payment of workers salaries and positive impacts of money circulation on a struggling economy like ours remains valid. It therefore follows that the failure of your government to prioritize the payment of workers’ salaries and pension arrears, hurts the economy of the state.

One of the most dangerous developments arising from the failure of your government to pay salaries as has been discovered is that, workers now go about begging and borrowing to sustain their families, only to pay back with interest when they manage to receive the meager salaries behind time, thus they are usually left with nothing. The long term implication of this is that, there would be no room for savings and investment, because they were indebted with interest, but owed by the government without interest; what an injustice!

Another dangerous implication of the maltreatment of Abia workers by your government is that it kills their service morale, slows productivity, destroys patriotism and creates room for corruption.

What of the children and wards of civil servants who have been forced to miss exams, miss academic sessions or completely drop out of school because you failed to pay their parents and guardians?

You can see that the spiral effect of your government’s failure to pay Abia workers and pensioners their salaries and pension arrears is horrendous and far reaching, therefore I am appealing to you to have mercy on Abia workers and show some humanity.

Dear Governor Ikpeazu, even if your government can’t do any other thing, let it try and pay workers’ salaries because lives are involved.

Let me thank you in advance for your anticipated immediate action on this matter.


Dr. Alex Otti OFR



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How APC members mocked Buhari during Owerri mega rally – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described Tuesday’s SouthEast zonal rally of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Owerri, Imo state capital, as a “mockery on President Muhammadu Buhari” by the members of his party.

PDP claimed that Nigerians had a “comic relief as speaker after speaker made a mockery of the president by ascribing non-existent projects, as well as those initiated by others, particularly, the PDP, to him in furtherance of APC’s renewed attempt to beguile Nigerians ahead of 2019 general elections.”

In a statement by its spokesperson, Kola Ologbondiyan, the opposition party alleged that the “rented crowd” expressed vote of confidence on the ill-performed President and his party.

The statement reads, “Even the rented crowd showed and expressed a vote of no confidence on the ill-performed President and his party, as they refused to brandish the now famished APC brooms or respond to the party’s slogan, a development that signposts the rejection of the APC in the zone and of course, in other parts of our nation.

“Is it not pathetic for President Buhari or the APC to, in anyway, think that they can suddenly enchant the people of the Southeast by false claims like those made about the Second Niger Bridge, Enugu-Onitsha Express way, Akanu Ibiam Airport, Enugu, among other projects, when the reality in the zone remains a bold testament of maltreatment, official disdain and government’s insensitivity?

“Is it not also a height of foolery and political delusion for APC to think that the people of the southeast will suddenly churn out five million votes and deliver same to a party that overtly relegated them as mere “five percent”?

“Worse still, all the APC leaders, who spoke at the rally, were all ill at ease, had no clear message, but dwelt only on empty sloganeering without regard to the sensibilities of the people, who had been subjected to the worst kind of relegation by their party in the last three years.

“It will be instructive for the APC to accept the fact that the Southeast zone remains the stronghold of the PDP and no amount of hollow grandstanding by the fractious APC and its rejected leaders can detract from that fact.”

Daily Post

By Seun Opejobi

Announcing Our New Advisor: Andrew Yang, Democratic Candidate for U.S. President in 2020

We are excited to announce that Manna has become the first cryptocurrency ever to be supported by a major-party candidate for President of the United States.
Last month, while in New York for a blockchain conference, Manna co-founders Eric Stetson and Brandon Venetta had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Yang.
Yang is a successful entrepreneur and author of two books about business and economics. In 2011 he founded Venture for America, a nonprofit with a mission to empower the entrepreneurs of the future to create jobs across America. In 2017 when he stepped down as CEO, Venture for America had over 500 Fellows and alumni who had started 29 companies, raised over $40 million, and helped create over 2,500 jobs.
This extraordinary man is now running for President of the United States as a Democratic Party candidate in the 2020 election. His campaign proposes a $1,000/month “Freedom Dividend,” a form of Universal Basic Income to deal with the impending crisis of massive technological unemployment.

Yang’s commitment to UBI and concerns about unemployment resulting from automation align powerfully with our project. So much so, in fact, that Andrew Yang has joined our Advisory Board!

We are honored that someone with his level of experience and esteem believes in our project – and not only that, has decided to join our team as an advisor.

Even though Manna is still in the very early stages, having a major-party presidential candidate on our team giving us expert advice and access to his network, bolstering the credibility of our project, and increasing public awareness about the importance of UBI and how cryptocurrency can be used for social good, greatly increases our chance of success.

It’s hard to imagine the full impact on demand and price of our currency that could result from this relationship. Imagine what could happen if Yang’s campaign catches on and reaches millions of Americans who are looking for bold ideas for change.

But you don’t need be as influential as Andrew Yang to help us grow our project. You can buy Manna to help capitalize the currency so that the distributions to our UBI recipients will be more significant. If you believe, like Andrew Yang, that Universal Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, you can help make it happen today.

Click here for detailed instructions for how to buy Manna on an exchange.

Thank you for supporting the Manna project! With amazing supporters like Andrew Yang, we feel more confident than ever!

By Manna

Nigeria: Ruling APC coalition on the brink of collapse?

© Katrin Gänsler
Less than a year from the next federal election, cracks are beginning to show in the ruling APC party. What does this mean for President Buhari’s re-election prospects and the future of the young party?

Increasingly strained relations between the executive and the legislature branches of Nigeria’s All People’s Congress (APC) party are fueling speculation that the coalition may be on the verge of collapse in the lead up to next year’s federal election.

Incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 election based largely on his promise to fight rampant corruption and address ongoing security challenges. However, critics claim the president has so far only used his policies to target his opponents.

Marred by infighting

On Tuesday, APC lawmakers issued a list of demands to President Buhari, which included calls for an end to the “systemic harassment and humiliation by the executive of perceived political opponents.”

The National Assembly, which has the ability to impeach the president, threatened to evoke its constitutional powers if the issues were not addressed and certain party members continued to be “ostracized.”

The president and parliament were involved in another impasse earlier this year concerning the confirmation of new members of the central bank’s monetary policy committee.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki pulled out of talks with Buhari concerning the 2019 elections. The decision came shortly after Saraki was asked by police to respond to allegations that he had links to a gang behind a number of armed robberies, which he strongly denied.

Shaky beginnings

Observers say the current fractured state of the APC can be traced back to its unique formation just a few years ago.

The APC was born in 2013 with the intention of taking on the embattled People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and then-President Goodluck Jonathan. It consisted of three of Nigeria’s biggest opposition parties — the Action Congress for Nigeria (ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), as well as a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Their presidential candidate Buhari managed to win the 2015 election by almost 2.6 million votes, marking the first time in Nigeria’s political history that an opposition political party managed to unseat an incumbent party. It also marked the first peaceful transition of power from one party to another.

But although the coalition was widely hailed as a positive turning point for Nigerian politics at the time, its unraveling has not come as a major surprise.

“We need to remember that there was nothing ideological binding the APC together from the beginning,” Tukur Abdullkadir, a senior lecturer in political science at Kaduna State University told DW. “It only came about as a result of a desire to oust the ruling PDP party.”

Elizabeth Donnelly, the Deputy Head of the Africa Program at Chatham House, agrees that the foundations of the APC did not provide it with a stable beginning.

“It does seem that this fragile, somewhat uneasy alliance is really starting to show significant stress,” she told DW. “At the time, [the formation of the APC] was [an example of] quite astute political thinking in seeing what could be done by forming an alliance across regions and with real political heavyweights in Nigeria. However, with the different regions and different political heavyweights also come complications. So we can now see how the work of being a ruling party has taken its toll.”

A ‘very dicey situation’

Abdullkadir believes a combination of conflicting interests within the party and poor management have effectively “sown the seeds of discourse.”

In the wake of the most recent APC party congress, which was marred by complaints from disgruntled party members and even instances of violence, it would seem now is the time to address the dysfunction. But that’s easier said than done, as most party members fight to keep their political careers alive.

“The state governors appear to have cornered every position in the party’s directive,” Abdullakadir told DW. “The implication here seems to be that if you are not in the good books of your state governor, you seriously stand the risk of losing the primary which qualifies you to contest at next year’s general election.”

“It’s a very dicey situation. If the governors eventually turn their attentions to the PDP as an alternative, it will certainly affect the prospects of the [APC].”

However, this is not the first time a ruling party has struggled to govern effectively in Nigeria — the final months of the PDP in power come to mind. Donnelly thinks that the APC is a microcosm of Nigeria itself in many ways, as it attempts to develop and maintain a sense of political unity in such a diverse region.

“The APC is made up of very different personalities and very different politics,” she told DW. “The problem is that the major decision-makers are becoming increasingly distracted by nasty politics. Governance will continue, but this is going to be a year of great distraction.”

Re-election prospects unknown

In April, Buhari officially declared his intention to seek a second term as president. But given the current status of the APC — and his falling popularity among the public — his prospects of re-election are far from certain. Although most observers agree it’s too early to make any predictions, especially considering Nigeria has yet to see a real alternative leader with national appeal emerge.

“This really is new ground,” Donnelly told DW. “It’s a new party. This is the first time it will fight an election from the position of incumbency. We don’t yet know whether the APC will split and unravel or whether it will be able to stay the course and see the campaign through to 2019.”

By Dw.Com

INEC Releases Dates For 2019 Election Processes For All Political Parties

Ince Pix.jpg

collection of forms for political parties for all elections to be issued to candidates
17th august to 24th august 2018.

conduct of party primaries including resolution of dispute arising from primaries.
18th august ends 7th october 2018.

commencement of campaign by political parties.(presidential and national assembly)
18th november 2018

governorship and state house of assembly
1st december 2018.

last day of submission of forms cf001 and cf002 at inec hq (for all elections)presidential and national assembly

18th october 2018.

presidential and national assembly
18th october 2018.

COLOR=BLUE]governorship and state house of assembly
2nd november 2018.

publications of personal particulars of candidates (cf001)presidential and national assembly
25th october 2018

governorship and state house of assembly
9th november 2018.

last day of withdrawal by candidates/replacement by political parties – presidential and national assembly
17th november 2018

governorship and state house of assembly
1st december 2018.

last day of submission of nomination forms by political parties (presidential and national assembly)
3rd december 2018

governorship and state house of assembly
17th december 2018.

submission of names of party agents for election to electoral officers of the local govt areas. (presidential and national assembly)
1st february 2019

governorship and state house of assembly
16th february 2019.

last day of campaign. (presidential and national assembly)
14th february 2019

governorship and state house of assembly
28th of february 2109.

date of elections. (presidential and national assembly)
16th february 2019

governorship and state house of assembly
28th february 2019 inec.

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Shootings: Fayemi, APC planning to sponsor assassinations in Ekiti — Fayose

By Dapo Akinrefon & Rotimi Ojomoyela

LAGOS —GOVERNOR Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, yesterday, accused the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, of plans to implicate him and some leaders of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, with assassinations in the state.

He also declared that the PDP has suspended its campaigns for 72 hours in honour of a former House of Representatives member, Mr. Opeyemi Bamidele, who was shot by a mobile policeman last Friday.

However, in a swift reaction, Dr. Fayemi dismissed the governor’s allegations as aimless and baseless.

Fayose, who addressed newsmen in Lagos, alleged that a meeting was held in Isan-Ekiti, hometown of Dr. Fayemi, the flag bearer of the APC in the July 14, 2018 governorship election where a certain thug popularly known as Agbara was assigned with the task of carrying out the sinister plot of killing people and dumping their corpses in houses belonging to PDP chieftains as well as Fajuyi Park.

His words: “In the last three weeks, violence has returned to the state. First, is because of the election and second is because of the activities of the APC in Ekiti State. You will equally recall APC’s primary that was greeted by violence which caused the party to conduct another primary.

“Our primary in PDP was free and fair. Our campaign has not recorded any incident, there has not been any casualty or harassment. The party has been conducting itself in a very orderly manner because the governor wants it to be so.

“The recent shooting that affected the former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Opeyemi Bamidele, is sad, unfortunate, regrettable and avoidable.

“I want to say that the claim by the Police and the APC that the policeman came on illegal duty are make-believe.

“I have a report which negates what the APC is saying that Bamidele is in a critical condition and still needs several operations.

“I have advised the family to take appropriate steps to evacuate him from that hospital and take him abroad. His life must not be used to achieve political gains.

“The reason I called this briefing is to inform you that there was a meeting at Dr Fayemi’s hometown in Isan on Saturday night where one man, whose name we will give to the public very soon after our investigations, is known as Agbara. He is being financed and empowered to look for anybody in Ekiti and have them killed and dump their bodies around Fajuyi Park or in front of Government House or in front of the houses of PDP leaders during this week and link it to us as masterminds. It has been impossible for them to link me with violence and to taint our records and campaigns. The man was mobilised in Isan on Saturday night and I felt it was good for the public to know.

“Our party, in solidarity, with the citizens of Ekiti affected by that violence, has suspended public campaigns for the next 72 hours because they are first Ekiti citizens before they are members of political parties.

“So, we are suspending our campaigns for the next 72 hours in sobriety and in respect to the violence that greeted the APC campaign. We also want to appeal to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State to avoid things that could cause problems in Ekiti, in his attempt to support Dr. Fayemi, to which I have no objection.”

Fayemi reacts

Reacting to Fayose’s claim, the APC candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, described the allegations as aimless and baseless.

Fayemi, who spoke through his Media Adviser, Mr. Yinka Oyebode, said: “Everybody knows his antecedents as a violent man and we also believe strongly he has a hand in the assassination attempt of last Friday. So, he is trying to be defensive, he is just trying to play a defensive game. He is capable of perpetuating violence and pushing it at the threshold of the opposition. If you check his various comments and reactions to the unfortunate incident of last Friday, he knows accusing fingers are being pointed at his direction; and so, he is trying to cause a distraction, that is why he is coming up these aimless and baseless allegations.

“If you have been following his comments, you will have a feeling and an understanding that he actually knew ahead of the shooting. So, he is the mastermind of the whole thing. His conscience is pricking him and that is why he running from pillar to post.”

Bamidele moved to Lagos for treatments

Meanwhile, the injured Bamidele has been moved to Lagos for medical treatments.

A statement by his Media Aide, Ahmed Salami, on Sunday, Bamidele was flown to Lagos by a helicopter with registration number 5N-BSW belonging to Flying Doctors Nigeria, which landed at about 3.05pm at Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti.

Salami said: “We want to assure our teeming supporters to discountenance the misinformation by rumour peddlers that his health had relapsed, saying he was in a stable condition and people were already having unfettered access to him at EKSUTH before he left for Lagos. Let me put on record that his being taken to Lagos was caused by gross dearth of equipment and personnel at EKSUTH.”

By Mebol Gloria

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