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#Dele_Momodu #Publisher says #Davido is using his name to #sell his #album


Dele Momodu responds to Davido name calling him on several records. According to him it is just a move from Davido to sell his album.

Publisher of Ovation Magazine International, Chief Dele Momodu has reacted to pop singer Davido calling out his name on different records.
Speaking to Joy TV in Ghana last week, Dele Momodu said Davido is mentioning his name on records » just to sell his album.

“ I have never responded to any of Davido’s comments, this is the first time I would do that. After ‘Osinachi remix’ video, I called his father… Success is a very tough thing to manage, and your fans can mislead you sometimes. I know that what he is doing is what most artists do all over the world, to sell their record. so you have to create controversy. I don’t think David ill see me face-to-face and say I’m his boy. I’m his father” he told Joy TV.
He further said “Even the video… That’s what is selling his record, and I’m very comfortable with it. while will i fight my own child? I can’t fight him. Now, we’re connected together for life through that baby. I can never fight David. He is too small to me.
“He didn’t call me a thief , he called me a boy. Why should I react to something that’s not true, do I look like anybody’s boy? That would mean I’m childish. ”

In April 2016, Davido featured on a track » called ‘ Bahd Baddo Baddest’ by
Falz also featuring Olamide . On the track Davido sang the line “Dele na my boy ” in reference to Dele Momodu.
This wasn’t the first time Davido called out the magazine publisher. At the height of the baby-napping controversy involving Davido and Dele Momodu’s niece Sophie Momodu the pop star called out the publisher on the remix of ‘Osinachi ‘ by Humblesmith .
On May 27, 2016 Davido mocked Dele Momodu on Twitter by saying “nah my boy. ” There has been little love between Davido and Dele Momodu since last December when he revealed the pop singer was planning to take his daughter Imade to America without the consent of her mother which happens to be his niece.

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