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“The time is late for you to leave my house. Why not pass the night with me? Don’t worry, don’t be afraid you’re save okey?” Nora said

“I can’t pass the night here with you here in this house; it’s dangerous and the temptation of sex can come at anytime. I’ve decided and I’ve promised God that nothing on earth will cause me to commit sin against Him (God)”. he replied.

“My brother, nothing is actually wrong with you passing the night in my house. Are we sleeping on the same bed? No! So don’t perturb yourself, just come inside take your shower and I will direct you where to sleep so that tomorrow early morning you can be going back home. It’s to late to go by this time, something terrible can occur to anyone especially during this time of the night. Just relax yourself”. Nora said trying to puss brother Michael to pass the night in her house.

“Listen, Nora, the reason why I’m here haven’t be discussed at all of which I’ve just wasted my money in coming to this place. Nevertheless, I know that we are one is Christ, but at the same time, the issue of me passing the night in your house can’t be successful”. he replied her….

Brother Michael didn’t accept her offer, but he rather left her house that night and journeyed back again to his house. He got home that night after much stress he passed through on his way home ; he took his bible to study and pray, but he was slumbering on his table.

“What’s happening to me? Why am I struggling to study the Bible and to pray? Oh God deliver me and save my soul from destruction”. he said, as he was yet striving to prayer: he was singing songs and praises to God, immediately, he slept off again till the breaking of the day.
He woke up with a bittered heart because of the dream he has throughout the night as he was sleeping…. “Oh! This lady has come again and shattered by dream. I have to run to the pastor for deliverance because am not the person that I use to me. Everything I have is gone. I can no more pray again like before. Where are thou oh Lord!!!! Come and deliver me”. he wept sorrowfully because tension is always on him whenever he remembers sister Nora….

Brother Michael quickly prepared to meet the pastor for thorough deliverance and counseling…

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“This is alarming…. What am I going to do about this issue of sister Nora. She promised to change her lifestyle, but am seeing another different things entirely in my dream ( he went closer to his dining table and sat down there, thinking…). Indeed, the spiritual controls the physical realm, and what I’ve seen in my dream is clearly defining that she has an interior motif against my ministry”. brother Michael said, thinking about the dream he has last night….

Brother Michael kneeled and prayed concerning sister Nora’s matter. Hope that brother Michael isn’t affected in his prayer life?

“Oh! My God! I’m now getting cold in prayers because of this sister Nora”. he said; as he was yet speaking, he received a call from Nora.
“Hello, sir, Good afternoon sir” she greeted
“Good afternoon how are you doing?”. he responded.
“Sir, pls I have something important I want us to discuss about. Can you come to my house this evening?.” she requested
“Do you mean this evening?” he asked pretending that he didn’t hear what she said clearly….
“Yes, this evening at house so that we can discuss more better on the issue of things to do in other to serve God more better than before, because I’ve decided to serve God again as I promised you the other day… ” she said.

“Okey, as far as our discussion is based on tips on how to serve God, there’s no problem about it. I will come but I won’t waste much time when I come to your house”. he agreed to visit her.

What else could it be if it isn’t deception….

Brother Michael prepared to meet her at her house as he has promised through the phone conversation they had.

7Pm in the evening he prepared and left to visit Nora at her house. On his way going, he spent almost close to 5hours on his way to visit her. The traffic was excess and everywhere was blocked, the traffic wasn’t moving at all… He got to her house late in the night, around 10Pm in the evening. ( What a dangerous time). When he got there, Nora couldn’t permit him to leave her house as they agreed.

[Proverbs 6:26 For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life. 6:27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?]

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“What is the meaning of all this? Sister Nora coming to my house for what reason is that? I think this is temptation, because many leaders in the church are also victim of this. I have to pray seriously and I will surely overcome this temptation”. Brother Michael said.

One faithful evening after the evening church service, brother Michael was his way to church and there she met sister Nora standing right on a checkpoint, waiting for him….. “What do you want sister Nora?” he asked,
“Can’t you see how beautiful I am? Among all the ladies in the church, there’s none that is beautiful than me….

It isn’t a sin for you to be by my side. Please allow me”. she said.
“I should be by your side so I will be victim of fornication”. he asked “What is evil in that? Before, you were so concerned about me. You care and pray for me, but all of suddenly you started avoiding me, have the pastor instructed you not to come close to me? ” she asked…..

“….( deception) No!!!” brother Michael said….

“Just allow me, I’ve decided to live a good Christian life now so I believe you won’t avoid me anymore”. she said.

“If you can only change and amend your ways be faithful to God, I will be praying for you and as well be caring for you”. he replied….

“Alright, I promise to amend and to live a good lifestyle and also change my dressing pattern”. she said and brother Michael was happy and they were walking along the road to their home…..

In the middle of the night when brother Michael was sleeping, he has a dream and saw where sister Nora is threatening to defile seduce him but she actually succeeded in messing him up in the dream. He woke up and he was thinking what could be the cause.

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“Pastor, it is so alarming this days the way sisters dress and come to church. You will see some of our sisters dressing seductively to lore us to start lusting and thinking immorally”. the youth Leader said.
“Brother Michael, am tired the way this our sisters are dressing to church this days. Majority of this ladies are dressing like that to attract husband to them which isn’t the right way that will lead them to a successful marriage”. the pastor encouraged.

“So, pastor what am I going to do about this, am becoming tired of them. Don’t you think we need to confront them physically and challenge them to stop dressing in such way?” the youth leader suggested.

“Brother Michael, we’ve done our best. The Bible says when iniquity shall abound ( the pastor coughed ), I mean to say because of iniquity shall abound, the love of many will wax cold. At the first time we were preaching the gospel to them, leading them to the way to the cross, but they aren’t satisfied with it so their love is waxing cold and only the mercy of God can bring them back”. the pastor encouraged.

“Pastor, especially this particular sister, her name is sister Nora”. he said “You mean sister Nora?” the pastor asked
“Yes, sister Nora, she has lead so many leaders to sleep with her and their ministry end’s at that stage”. He said.

“Brother Michael, I encourage you to be very careful with that sister particularly because she’s the green snake in this church. She dresses more seductive more then other sister’s. Many mighty leaders are fallen by her. Make sure you don’t be a victim”. The pastor encouraged.

Brother Michael accepted the pastors encouragement and he left one day he was sitting at home and someone came to knock at his door.

“Hello….(sister Nora knocking at his door). Who’s at home? ” she said knocking at his door.
Brother Michael rushed to open the door to his surprise it was sister Nora at his door step, and she was putting on a very attractive seductive dresses that made brother Michael to be carried away for some seconds….

“Sorry, who are you looking for here?” He asked.
“You of course”. she replied.
“Sorry, you came to the wrong place”. he replied.
“Are you denying me?” she asked.
“Not really, but I don’t have any meeting with you here in my house. Perhaps, today isn’t any fellowship and besides not holding here, so please leave and don’t come again”. he said and locked sister Nora outside.

“Don’t worry….. I will surely draw you to my arm”. she said with annoyance and left.

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WARNING!!! Before You Fuck Your Lady From Behind (D0GGY) See The Dangerous Sickness It Causes


This is a seeming satirical piece that mocks the S ex life of South Africans who have been rumoured to have a special preference for the doggy style during pleasure sessions.
South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, has made a shocking discovery after three years of gruelling research.
It appears the Minister has found the cure for stroke and cancer and he says, the antidote to these high death causing diseases resides in our sexual desires.

Speaking to The Insider, the 58-year-old former Limpopo MEC said he had started the study after noticing that there had been increased cases of stroke and cancer in South Africa which is due to citizens’ untamed obsession with the sexually exhilarating and yet dangerous style; doggy.

Asked to explain the connection between this style and cancer or stroke, he said that during his research, he found out that the high pumping of blood during sex, when one is standing or kneeling overloads the veins in the legs which ultimately causes stroke.
On cancer, he said; “One of the main causes of cancer is stress, fatigue and tiredness. The most energy consuming and stressful sexual position for men is doggy, hence the connection is more than clear”
Motsoaledi advised that, occasional doggy style like only on Christmas day and Valentine is harmless but enjoying that each night is suicidal, the reason why South African married men die and leave their wives a lot these days.
The Minister said that a full statement on the Ministry’s website, “Look, I am only giving you guys a snippet, but we will be posting the results of the full research on the Ministry website, http://www.doh.gov.za”
He added that he is in talks with Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba to craft a legislation that will seek to outlaw this style.
This expensive joke of report has gone viral in South Africa with people laughing it off.

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A lot of girls always complain to my ears that guys walk away from them simply because, they refused giving them sex, some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep the guys 😕.
Let me be very Blunt here…😇
Virginity may not be the real reason why the guys would go away from you, Yes, no doubt, there are several guys who want sex, and if they don’t get it, they walk away…😬

The problem may not be the virginity or the sex…😎.

The story of the Ten virgins in the Bible reveals that both the wise and the foolish were virgins; the other Five were not allowed seeing the bridegroom not because they were virgins or because they lost their virginity…

NO! But because they were foolish and they were called foolish because they had no EXTRA_OIL 🙌. And the EXTRA OIL I mean  here is CHARACTER!

Most girls do not have extra oil to sustain any relationship, while many brag about their virginity, that’s all they have to offer but is not the thing to offer. 👤.
Aside your virginity, what do you have to offer to a man?

  • Can you support him spiritually?
  • Can you support him physically?
  • How about mentally?

All you do is demand money for bag 👜, shoes👠👠, clothes 👗👖👙, and outing, making him spend unnecessarily.
Have you ever sit him down, and you help him plan about his future?💭 Ohhh my God i never see anything that inspired a reasonable man than that..
Has he ever seen you as someone he can confide in?👫
How many times has he come being in a state of dilemma seeking advice from you?😭 “If he does” you’re a Queen to him.
Rather than jumping from one club to another. 😵😱
And for the Virgins, They forget that Virginity ends after the Wedding, but EXTRA OIL Continues

Yes… Nobody is perfect… 

We all have our bad sides… 

BUT… Try to be a woman that a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life, because he will never allow you go and he most fight for you till death like BE MY HERO

Be that woman that your man can never afford to lose to another man 😊.
Build your man to your taste… 
And stop looking for already  made husband 😏😏😏.

Force yourself on that rich dude that you didn’t work with to achieve what he has…, And hear the story of your life from him one day 😂😂😂.


There’s just nothing as best as building up your man yourself or your woman.

And you will forever earn his  or her respect ✌✌✌.

I hope this piece of advice is useful to all Singles and Married?

Ok Take Care😇

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​Can A Woman Rape A Man?

The issue of rape has been on the increase » , with hardly any day passing by without one case or the other coming up.
They have always been that of men raping women » but we have heard cases of women raping men, even if these cases are very rare.

Men, being who they are, would not want to come out and say they have been victims of rape because they may be seen as weaklings.

There is a case of an American woman abducting a man and repeatedly raping him at gun point for three days before the poor guy was rescued.

On Morning Teaser today, we ask: is it possible for a woman to rape a man in Nigeria?

Source: pulse.ng

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