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US blocks visas for ‘corrupt’ DR Congo officials

The US State Department has imposed visa bans on a number of Congolese officials accused of corruption or electoral malpractice.

It declined to name those targeted, but said the move was intended to send a strong signal that Washington was committed to fighting corruption and to supporting credible elections.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is to hold a much-delayed presidential election in December to choose a successor to Joseph Kabila.

His second and final term in office ended in 2016 but many suspect he is trying to stay in power.

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Ghanaian denied UK visa to save sister’s life

A Ghanaian man has been denied a UK visa which he needed so he could save his sister’s life.

Joseph is a “perfect” stem cell match for Shirley Kordie, who lives in Walsall, England.

She is in desperate need of a transplant due to a rare blood condition, hypoplastic MDS, and will leave her son, Blessing, four, without a mother if she is not treated.

But his visa application was denied due to his “financial circumstances”.

The Home Office has been asked to comment.

By Morning Call

Photos: Nigerian man shows appreciation to a former Consular Officer who granted him visa to America 32 years ago


A small world indeed! According to the U.S. Department of State: Bureau of African Affairs, in 1984, Assistant Secretary Linda Thomas-Greenfield was serving as a Consular Officer in Lagos, Nigeria, when an artist named Tunde Odunlade (pictured above) came to her window seeking a visa to the United States. 32 years later in Washington, DC, Mr. Odunlade recognized the Assistant Secretary when they were both panelists for a discussion on the Chibok girls.
He recently visited her at the U.S. Department of State and he brought along some of his artwork. He also thanked her for approving his visa three decades ago.


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