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Zambia ex-VP avoids jail thanks to church

Former Zambian Vice-President Nevers Mumba has avoided prison after pleading that as a pastor, his congregation would suffer if he went to jail.

The cleric and politician was convicted on two counts of abuse of the authority of office by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The charges relate to his time when he served as Zambia’s ambassador to Canada between 2009 and 2011.

He was found guilty of awarding a contract to a Canadian company to do electrical works at the official residence of the high commissioner.

He was also found guilty of not following the correct procedure in the awarding of another contract for electrical and carpeting work, as well as the construction of a desk at the same residence.

After his guilty verdict was announced, Mumba pleaded in mitigation that his church members could not do without him.

The magistrate accepted this and Mumba, who served as vice-president between 2003 and 2004, will not serve any sentence as he was granted an absolute discharge.

Mumba is still involved in politics, and is now a faction leader of the former ruling party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).


Zambia’s popular anti-corruption singer detained

Popular Zambian musician and activist Fumba Chama – whose anti-corruption song Rat in the Pot got him into trouble – has been arrested after he returned from self-imposed exile in South Africa.

His arrest at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the capital Lusaka, has been condemned by rights group Amnesty International as a “shocking affront to justice”.

“Pilato [as the musician is known to his fans] is not a criminal. He is an activist and artist. He should not spend a single night in jail. He must be released immediately and unconditionally,” it added in a statement.

Chama fled to South Africa in January after receiving death threats over his song, Koswe Mumpoto (Rat in the Pot), which was interpreted as being critical of President Edgar Lungu and his ministers.

The song was a major hit in Zambia when it was released. Chama sang that the ruling elite was behaving like rats that steal food – an allegation which was strongly denied by ruling party supporters.

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Ex-Zambian leader’s son jailed for stealing phone

A court in Zambia has sentenced the son of former President Frederick Chiluba to eight months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a mobile phone.

Frederick Chiluba Jr was convicted of stealing a Samsung S7 edge, valued at $843 (£626), last year.

The court heard that Chiluba Jr stole the device from a woman, Brenda Chisha, on 2 September 2017 and traded it for drugs in a notorious slum in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

Delivering judgement today, Lusaka magistrate Nthandose Chabala said she handed Chiluba Jr a custodial sentence as a deterrence to him and other would-be offenders.

She said she was satisfied that there was enough evidence connecting him to the theft of the phone, and the prosecution had proved its case beyond all reasonable doubt.

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Zambia’s president gets Federer tennis racket

Rodger Federer is on a visit to Zambia and has presented the president with a tennis racket, which the Swiss tennis champion then signed at Edgar Lungu’s request.

He arrived in the capital, Lusaka, on Sunday as part of a tour for his charity.

“I am happy to be here. I have a heart for Africa with my mum being South African,” Federer said.

His foundation promotes education and has been working on projects in Africa for 11 years, he added.

The tennis star told President Lungu that he wanted to use sport to improve early childhood education.

It’s not clear if the president can play tennis, but State House does have a tennis court:

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Where was the ‘black panther’ movie filmed? You’ll never believe!

The Black Panther movie is indeed setting new records in the film industry, the film that was released last Friday made an impressive $76 million on that day alone. Movie critics predict that Blank Panther the movie will probably have the most significant opening experienced in February, a record that was previously held by Deadpool. Current estimates show that the film will soon set the sic biggest Box office opening in the history of filming. Ever since the Black Panther trailer was released, the movie has been the most anticipated movies of the year 2018.

Well, many were glad when finally the Blank Panther release date was announced to be 15th February 2018, which was a day earlier to the Black Panther release date Kenya. Those who have watched the movie and the trailer must have been awed by the beautiful land of Wakanda, sadly the nation of Wakanda isn’t real. Black Panther marvel was shot in multiple places.

Therefore, if you had plans of going to Wakanda, you might have to change some of your holiday destination. The following film locations were used by the Black Panther cast when shooting the movie.

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Many of the movies done by the Marvel Cinematic Universe are usually filmed in Atlanta, especially at the Pinewood Studios. Therefore, it’s obvious that a significant portion of the Black Panther movie was shot at the Pinewood Studios, and this is where the fictional land of Wakanda was created. The exceptional cinematic magic is indeed the best. The other location that was used was the Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district.

  • Busan, South Korea

The next destination of the Black Panther cast was Busan in South Korea. Apparently, the epic car chase that is in the movie was filmed in South Korea. A total number of 150 cars were used in shooting this scene, and at least 700 people were included. If you look closely at the car chase, you will be able to see some of the Busan landmarks like the Gwangan Bridge, the Jagalchi Market and the Gwangalli Beach. Definitely, Busan can be a lovely holiday destination if you are planning on going to Asia.

  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Many might wonder where the gorgeous waterfalls in Wakanda are located. Well, the Black Panther team took a trip to Argentina and had a chance to enjoy the beauty of these Argentinian waterfalls as they contend shooting the movie. Not to mention this beautiful spot is incredibly affordable as a holiday destination.

  • South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda

Lastly, the team used footages from three countries in Africa. The Marzano Films admitted to providing the Black Panther movie with aerial footages that were shot in multiple locations on the African continent. The lucky countries were Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.

As we continue to watch the Black Panther marvel movie break more records, many are indeed thrilled by the fact that the movie was actually shot in real locations hence presenting gorgeous cinematography. The Black Panther premiere is indeed a success being the first movie by Marvel to be on the cover of Time magazine. Being less than a week old in the Cinemas, its indeed doing better than many historical films.

In Zambia Mad woman delivers baby girl by roadside


The residents of the area received the shock of their lives this morning when the mentally deranged woman had gone into labour and given birth to a baby girl by the roadside.

A pregnant woman has reportedly given birth to a baby girl on a road side in Mambwe District, Zambia.

The residents of the area received the shock of their lives this morning when the mentally deranged woman had gone into labour and given birth to a baby girl by the roadside.


The shocking incident was witnessed by an ever increasing crowd as some women had rallied around to assist with the delivery.
The photos were shared by a Facebook user, identified as Victor, but he had not revealed what had been done with the baby or its mother.

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